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Psychotic Episode & Temporary Organ Failure - 5-MeO-DiPT



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The lad here is obviously not going to admit his mistakes, so I have highlighted some key points.  I will give him due credit, though, he is very honest in his description….

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Psychotic Episode & Temporary Organ Failure - 5-MeO-DiPT - by I Am LeBron EROWID

I recently spent four days in the hospital because of a disastrous 5-meo-dipt trip that included a psychotic episode, temporary failure of my kidneys, and suspicion of heart problems. Aside from deciding to seriously experiment with this drug in the first place, I don't believe that I made any bad decisions related to this trip [sic] , so this account could serve to warn you against taking foxy in general.

 A friend I had taken foxy with several times, who we'll call Mr. Bones, and I decided to do a good dose on a Thursday night in our apartment ………. I was in a pretty good mood the whole day leading up to the trip, though I had been experiencing ambivalence and some anxiety about major life decisions in the weeks leading up to this episode. ………..
…………. I awoke the next morning in what appeared to be a hospital. All four of my limbs were strapped to the bed with leather, and I had (and to this day continue to have) absolutely no recollection of how I had gotten there. ……….. After asking various questions .. I think I have pieced it together, though as I said, I have no memory of any real events. ……….

[After taking the drug ]….In a period of ten minutes I became very loud, agitated, and unable or unwilling to recognize the situation I was in and the people who were around me…….. My chanting was apparently too loud for the middle of a Thursday night, and various neighbours and friends began stopping by the apartment to see what was up. My agitation caused me to bang loudly on the floor, accidentally [!] break a glass and some CDs, and hit a female friend of mine in the face with light to moderate force (I had no previous history of inflicting any violence on any other person, and yes I have apologized sincerely and profusely to her since this episode).

I climbed on a crowded table to shake my precariously positioned computer monitor, kicked over a boombox, stepped blindly on the center of a bed covered in relatively delicate stereo components and wires, and grabbed people's necks and heads. During some or all of this time, I was having one of the most transcendental and seemingly profound dreams of my life, making the idea that I was upset, let alone violent, very difficult to reconcile now. …. Mr. Bones pinned me to the ground to try to keep me from doing other things, and though I wasn't writhing or fighting back very hard, I was still unable to acknowledge that I knew I had to settle down or even that I knew who these people were.

So, my friends called 911, realizing that either they call for paramedics or the neighbours would call the cops. The EMS personnel were the first to arrive, and police and firemen were called subsequently by EMS to assist in taking me from the apartment after paramedics tried to talk to me unsuccessfully. Five men carried me out of the apartment on a flexible stretcher with light restraints. ….. While restrained I did a lot of thrashing and was subsequently handcuffed. It is clear that I didn't want to be taken to the emergency room because I struggled extensively with the handcuffs, as evidenced by deep cuts into both of my wrists and the fact that my hands were incredibly swollen for that whole weekend and continue to show signs of nerve damage. Tex pointed out that if they hadn't strapped me down and given me sedatives, I very well may have continued struggling until I had broken a wrist. In summary, this behaviour is evidence of a psychotic episode or at least severe psychological detachment.

There is no clear explanation for why this all happened. It appears that the drug mentally gave me the will to use my body beyond its capacity for safe physical activity, ……. Regardless, I simply cannot explain how the psychosis occurred in the first place.

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