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Levitin, Professor Daniel - On dream recording



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Helpful advice about the need to record dreams as they are and at the time and the need to avoid any interpretation until later.  The left brain is the intellect, the right brain is the brain processing dreams and the subconscious


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This is Your Brain on Music – Professor Daniel Levitin

Typically our memory of the dream appears to us in imagistic fragments, and the transitions between elements are not always clear. As we tell the dream, we notice gaps, and we almost can’t help but fill them in as we unfold the narrative.

‘I was standing on top of a ladder outside listening to a Sibelius concert and the sky was raining Pez candy’ you might begin. But the next image is of yourself halfway down the ladder. We naturally and automatically fill in the missing information when retelling the dream.

‘And I decided to protect myself from this Pez pelting, so I started climbing down the ladder where I knew there was shelter’

This is the left brain talking…. When we fabricate a story, it is almost always the left brain doing the fabricating

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Levitin, Professor Daniel

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