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Possible Permanent Effects of MDMA – MDMA - by Arthur Mendoza EROWID

After coming upon a solid E connection, I decided to stockpile a good number of pills so that I could avoid having to make multiple deals. This, I later found out, was a huge mistake.

Soon afterward I was invited to a rave, and having a large amount of pills at my disposal, I decided to take 3 doses all at once. This was because the most I had taken before was 2 at once and I wanted to see what the difference would be.

Anyways, it was a great experience, but I couldn't ignore the fact that in the days after, the mild depression and confused state of mind I was in would not go away. The sense of depression only increased my motivation to take more E, and I ended up taking roughly 8 pills in a period of a week and a half. It is now weeks afterward and it is not quite as severe as it was then, but I still don't really feel like I'm quite 'all there'.

I'm almost positive, judging by my personal experience, that through a combination of high dosage and frequent use permanent effects on the brain are possible. I didn't have enough self control to buy large quantities. With some moderation I might have been able to avoid these effects.

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