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Plutarch of Chaeronea - Osiris



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Plutarch of Chaeronea

[The Egyptians] have a legend that the soul of Osiris is everlasting and imperishable, but that his body Typhon often times dismembers and causes to disappear and that Isis wanders hither and yon in her search for it and fits it together again; for that which really is and is perceptible and good is superior to destruction and change.

The images from it with which the sensible and corporeal is impressed and the relations, forms and likenesses which this takes upon itself, like impressions of seals in wax, are not permanently lasting, but disorder and disturbance overtakes them, being driven hither and thither from the upper reaches and fighting against Horus, whom Isis brings forth beholden of all, as the image of the perceptible world.

There fore it is said that he is brought to trial by Typhon on the charge of illegitimacy as not being pure nor uncontaminated like his father, reason unalloyed and unaffected of itself, but contaminated in his substance because of the corporeal element, He prevails however as was the case when Hermes, that is to say Reason, testifies and points out that Nature, by undergoing changes of form with reference to the perceptible duly brings about the creation of the world.

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