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Pauli, Wolfgang - Dream, 6th September 1954



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In sociology, an isomorphism is a similarity of the processes or structure of one organization to those of another, be it the result of imitation or independent development under similar constraints.  In a sense it is Pauli's mystical physics idea and the merging of religious ideas into a whole - worldwide - a unified theory of mystico-physics.  This suffered a severe setback after the war, as more materialism swept away much of what he had tried to achieve


Isomorphism in the context of globalization, is an idea of contemporary national societies that is addressed by the institutionalization of world models constructed and propagated through global cultural and associational processes.

A description of the experience

Dream, 6th September 1954

A major war is being waged.

Political news that I wish to send to people is censored.

Then my mathematics colleague ‘A’ appears with his wife (I know them both from my old days in Hamburg).

‘A’ says ‘Cathedrals should be built for isomorphy’

Then from Mrs ‘A’ come more words that I cannot understand and written texts I cannot read.

I wake up in great excitement


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Pauli, Wolfgang

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