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The Interpretation of Nature and the Psyche - C G Jung and Wolfgang Pauli

Forward by Dr Marvin Jay Greenberg

Pauli's presence sometimes mysteriously resulted in things breaking or otherwise going wrong. This bizarre regularity was named the Pauli elfect. A few of many examples:

Pauli was visiting the Bergedorf observatory when a terrible accident befell the great refractor telescope.

In a laboratory at Gottingen University, an apparatus for the study of atoms suddenly collapsed without apparent cause; the time this occurred was when the train carrying Pauli to Copenhagen from Zurich stopped for a few minutes at the Gottingen station.

On another occasion, Pauli was on a train when the rear cars decoupled and were left behind while he proceeded to his destination in one of the front cars.

When Pauli attended the opening ceremony for the C. J. Jung Institute in Zurich, a vase overturned, spilling water.

Pauli was riding in a tram with three other physicists heading to Bellevue Square in Zurich; just as they reached the square, two other street cars collided right in front of theirs.

Whenever these catastrophes occurred, Pauli himself was not harmed, which may be considered a second kind of Pauli "exclusion principle."

Pauli's former student, Robert Oppenheimer, rejected Pauli's offer to participate in the Manhattan Project to build an atomic bomb …………..

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Pauli, Wolfgang

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