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Parkinson's disease forum - Reiki and massage



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The Daily strength forum

Reply #1 - 08/23/12  10:49pm

" While I've never had a dedicated Reiki session, I've had many massages where the therapists incorporate Reiki into their massage. I can tell when they're specifically focusing on Reiki because of the heat exchange - even tho I'm not being touched & my eyes are closed, I'll know where they are.

For me, targeted Reiki has been most helpful for injuries & post-surgical sites. The practitioner directs healing energy into the site, and dissipates inflammation & other negative activity away from the site. You can actually feel your circulation speeding up, which is always good for bringing healing oxygen to the site. Reiki also produces an overall sense of well being.

But for Parkinson's .... I can only speak for myself .... Reiki would never be enough. I need deep muscle massage & assisted stretches to keep my body as limber as possible, and that means hands-on. (Heated stones are a great addition) The therapists I use always end their sessions with a few minutes of Reiki, which I find mentally & physically balancing.

But that's just me. I don't think you could ever go wrong in studying the practice. It's been my experience that people trained in Reiki have a special gift of bringing healing, peace & calm to others, and what could be better than that?

Bari "


Reply #3 - 08/28/12  1:26am

" I have seen this amazing massage therapist two times. This incredible lady does something, which is very similar to Reiki (from what I understand). I think it is called Cranial Massage. I don't know for sure. She just touches and concentrates on a certain part of me and it completely effects another part of me. At first I was a bit angry because I felt like she was not doing anything. Then I started to feel something. No word of a lie, when I got up from that table...many of my symptoms were alleviated....(is that the right spelling?). It lasted for most of the remainder of the day. I cannot see her again until January, when my insurance renews, but I definately think she is on to something.

Reply #4 - 08/29/12  10:24am

" I didn't write on this post because frankly i had no idea what Reiki is. In my head I kept thinking about the Karate kid and when Mr. Miagi slaps his hands together and rubs them then transfers the heat to the kid... then i read about it and it makes total sense to me because i believe the spiritual and physical go hand in hand. Now I have to find somewhere in my area to experience this. Thanks for enlightening me to a new road... paula "


Reply #6 - 08/30/12  7:32am

" Well all I can ad is that I am very very skeptical when it comes to things like Reiki.

So let me impart my experience. I had the chance to have a free hands on massage and a free hands off massage (being Reiki)

I thought , oh well , its free, i will try the Reiki and was massively skeptical , that anything would happen.

I had not confessed I had PD

My experience was amazing. As I was lying on the table , trying to relax, as the reiki masseur did her thing? what ever that is, and how ever does that possibly work???

I had a sneak peek in the initial stages , when I was supposed to have my eyes closed, and she was waving her hands around in my aura/personal space. In a very organized manner.

I asked her if it was normal to be seeing colors? She asked what colors, and when I stated purple and green. She said they were healing colors.

At the end of this experience, she warned me that for the next 2 hours, i should basically relax and not do anything, especially drive!!! As i would be feeling to relaxed.

Well what did I do, I went for a drive, as I thought I would be okay? But was obviously not, I drove around lost  in such familiar surroundings , this should have never happened, logically.

All I can say on a personal level, is that . WOW Reicki experience was amazing. I have never ever felt so relaxed EVER!!!

I wish I could afford to have that .

Something happened for me. Cant say what it was, apart from amazing


Reply #9 - 08/30/12  10:16am

" I love the honesty on this site which is why i continue to come here. So when Peachy says she is very skeptical about things like this and then shared the story about what it did to her, it has just convinced me to at least give it a try. Iris I wish you the very best of luck with this. I have a feeling your energy will help lots of people (Just the energy of your words have helped me here for a long time!!!) So Good good luck my friend!!!! paula

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