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Lovecraft, H P - Letter to Maurice Moe, dated May 15, 1918



Type of Spiritual Experience


In a letter to fellow amateur writer Maurice Moe, dated May 15, 1918, Lovecraft writes:

A description of the experience

Several nights ago I had a strange dream of a strange city--a city of many palaces and gilded domes, lying in a hollow betwixt ranges of grey horrible hills […]. I did not move, but transferred my perception from point to point at will. I occupied no space and had no form […]. I recall a lively curiosity at the scene and a tormenting struggle to recall its identity; for I felt that I had once known it well, and that if I could remember, I should be carried back to a very remote period--many thousand years, when something vaguely horrible had happened.

Once I was almost on the verge of realization, and was frantic with fear at the prospect, though I did not know what it was that I should recall. But here I awaked. (Selected Letters I 62)

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Lovecraft, H P

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