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Osty, Dr Eugene - Supernormal faculties in Man – The remarkable prophecy of Madame Przybylska



Type of Spiritual Experience

Invisible input - prophecy

Number of hallucinations: 1


A description of the experience

Supernormal faculties in Man- Dr Eugene Osty

Here follows the premonition as reproduced in the Revue Metapsychique, No. 7 of 1921:

Extraordinary predictions, made during the course of the last Russo- Polish War by an auditory medium, Madame Przybylska. Madame Przybylska is not a professional medium; she gives only private seances to friends.

She "hears" the messages transmitted to her, and dictates their contents, which those present take down as uttered. All the following communications were read and recorded by the Central Committee of the S.P.R., Warsaw, immediately after the seances with Mme Przybylska, long before the realization of the predicted events.

The first message, obtained June 10th, 1920, was read at the sitting of the Central Committee on June 16th, 1920, under the presidency of M. Lebiedzinski, and the other members then present-Colonel Okolowicz, Mr. Rose, Dr. Sokolowski, Mr. Niemojeviki, Dr. Guirard, Mr. L. Grabowski, Mr. K. Bokowski, Mr. P. Smurlo, Mme Jastrzembska, Mme Wodzinska, Mr. Knechowicz, and Mme Gordon de Jurgielewicz.

The same procedure was followed with all the other messages whose genuineness is certified by numerous and competent witnesses. The first of the documents reproduced below was obtained June 10th, 1920, at a private seance given by the medium, in presence of the Countesses Marie and Jeanne de Walesska. It was read, as before stated, to the Central Committee of the S.P.R.,Warsaw, on June 16th. At that time the Poles seemed completely victorious; they occupied an important part of Russia, and had taken Kieff. The Bolshevists were everywhere in full retreat.

On June 9th the line of the River Socha had been forced, and on the 10th the victory of the Beresina was officially announced. The message was received with stupefaction and entire incredulity. The messages received and the events that came to pass are here printed in parallel columns.

Message of June 10th, 1920

The council of Ministers is not yet constituted but sooner or later you will hear of Witos.
What misfortune! What disasters! How many dead on the battlefields! A disaster to your troops.
During this month there will be a great change in the Council. Witos will be Prime Minister.
A greater man than your Minsters will give you his friendly help. In August everything will change. A stranger arrives with whom Pilsudski takes counsel; he will have much influence.
The systematic strikes will come to an end. Towards the middle of August your misfortunes will change, but up to that time there will be nothing but disasters.

Events realized

The disaster predicted, though quite unexpected, did not fail to come about.
 A general offensive by the Bolshevists began June 28th on the northern front. On July 8th the line of the Upper Beresina (550 kil. From Warsaw) was abandoned. Minsk was lost on the 12th, Vilna (440 kil. from Warsaw) was lost on the 16th, and Lida (350 kil.) on the 18th.
The attack on Warsaw began August 13th and 14th, and on the 15th the battle began to go in favour of the Poles.
On the 18th the victory of the Vistula was complete and the Asiatic hordes were routed: but up to the 15th the Polish armies had only defeats.
The arrival of a stranger (General Weygand) and his co-operation with Pilsudsky, had a great share in saving Poland. Victory declared for the Poles in the middle of August (the 15th).
Mr. Witos, till then almost unknown, became Prime Minister July 24th.

Message of July 6th, read to the Central Council July 12th       

A great disaster. You will soon get orders to abandon the right bank of the Vistula.  Disasters all through this month.

Events realized


The events came to pass exactly. The invasion of Poland by the Bolsheviks began and was closely followed up.


Message of July 12th, read to the Central Committee July 21st.
Minsk, Kowel, and Vilna are lost.  Near Kowel many rich people have been shot. Terrible news comes from that province. But after a month all will change.  The number of your defenders increases.

Events realized.
Minsk, Kowel, and Vilna were lost in the weeks following

By- the end of July your forces will be greater than those of the Bolsheviks. They will invade your land and there will be terrible disasters.

But the troops of Lenin are dispersed in the month of August. The great change is on August 15th. A ray of joy comes from your greatest friend. The word for the present is-No disunion, and count on your own strength. That will have much influence at the peace Conference.

It was on August 15th exactly that victory changed sides and Warsaw was saved

Message of July 21st

A visitant from Paris brings you  an unexpected change. Your patriotism and heroism make a great impression on him.                                                                        

Events realized

All these events came to pass.  After the victory on the Vistula followed those at Kowel, Kovno, Vilna, and Lida.

Great changes in August. Your strength is in the victories of Kowel and Kovno.
Discord between the Bolshevist leaders and a great and unexpected change.  
You will re-take your lost ground more quickly than you lost it, and many guns and prisoners. A great victory towards Vilna and Lida. Vilna will be occupied by your troops more quickly than it was lost.                                                                              


The rout of the Bolsheviks was complete. They lost most of their artillery and 100,000 prisoners.



On the 1st of August the medium left for Zakopane, a small health resort in the mountains. The communications were sent by post to the S.P.R., read and countersigned by the members.

The five messages received at Zakopane were taken down in the presence of Dr. Sochaki, Mr. Cienski, and Mme. Cienska, Mme. Abgarowicz, Count Dzieduszycki, and Countess Dzieduszycka.

Messages received, August 6th at Zakopane.  

Russia is victorious and the chief forces are towards Minsk and Terespol. The Polish forces have been beaten everywhere. Suddenly, aid from France, and much joy on the 15th of August. Warsaw will not be taken. Your dispersed armies will draw together again. A great victory for the Poles. The soldiers of the Soviets will be routed and driven out. You know that Warsaw is in despair. All the country round is occupied by the enemy. Every day brings horrible news. At Warsaw they expect the Bolsheviks, but fear will be changed into joy.


Events realized

Exact fulfilment of all details.


At the time of greatest distress it was reported in Zakopane that Warsaw had been occupied by the enemy.

August 13th  

  Great changes. France comes to your aid. The Bolsheviks have been driven out of the town of Prznyss. Your old chief takes command and leads you to victory. It is Monday, August 15th. The enemy will not take your town. You are strong.

Wait till Monday. Do not despair.
Seven more days and you will have great victories. Your love for your country, your heroism and a miracle by the Holy Virgin have saved the town. Pray to the Holy Virgin for strength to wait these seven days.                                       

Events realized

Exact fulfilment of all.

Message of August 14th, 1920                                          
What joy! the enemy is dispersed.

Events realized.

The event was not realized but was imminent

Message of August 15th, 1920    

A betrayal and a misfortune at Dzialdovo (Soldau). There is a fraud by the Bolsheviks and the Prussians. Warsaw is jubilant, suddenly overjoyed and radiant. She is marvellously strong. How she fights! The whole world looks on and wonders at her victory.    To-day is the great change: a bridge taken near Modlin. Tomorrow a new ray of hope, and after to-morrow such joy and hope. Your country is cleared of her enemies more quickly than one could have hoped. The Bolsheviks try to surround Lemberg; they pass the Strypa. But, I repeat, they will not take Lemberg. They have sworn they will be at Lemberg on Tuesday, but it is not true. Budienny's army is dispersed near that town.


Events realized.

Impossible to be more exact and definite. All is absolutely true. The details of the battle of the Vistula, the alarm at Lemberg, the complicity of the Prussians at Soldau giving passage to the routed army through East Prussia.
The inverted order of this episode should be remarked; it is mentioned first.

Message of August 19th, 1920     

In a month great victories and a new disaster for the Bolsheviks.  Complete defeat of the enemy.

Event realized.
This was the victory of Rovno


The source of the experience

Osty, Dr Eugene

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