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Osty, Dr Eugene - Supernormal faculties in Man – Mme Jean Peyroutet explains the reasons for the broken engagement



Type of Spiritual Experience


A description of the experience

Supernormal faculties in Man- Dr Eugene Osty

Circumstances and conditions.

Mlle Mathilde V. and M. Raoul B., aged twenty and twenty-five years, had been engaged two years and were to be married in July, 1922. In March, 1922, the man wrote to the father of the girl, that it would be to his daughter's happiness that the marriage should not take place.

The letter gave no reason. This abrupt and unexpected change, coming from a young man who was usually courteous, very polite, and rather timid, astonished them all. They were stupefied and could not understand it.

I learnt of this rupture almost at once from a member of the family and this seemed a favourable occasion to test the metagnomic faculty when only a mental link was available.

Conditions of the experiment.

My mental content was that just described; and I may add that I knew the families interested very superficially. At the time M. and Mme V. were in Paris with their daughter. They had read the letter from the young man, and another from his father (of which I was, of course, ignorant) answering vaguely a request to be enlightened. M and Mme B. were 180 miles distant from Paris, and knew the motives for breaking off the engagement, since they were concerned in them. Mme Peyroutet was practising in Paris and did not know even of the existence of the six persons concerned. All that was said to her was- I am thinking of a young girl, speak of her present life.

Words of the percipient.




This is a fair girl-no, dark. She was engaged. There is a rupture, a breaking off quite unexpected, like a lightning stroke.




There was a betrothal dinner. The ring was given. The marriage was close at hand.


This took place in 1921. The marriage was fixed for July, 1922.


It is her first disappointment.


Aged twenty. First love and first disillusion.


Ah, now the young man appears!  He is of a fair complexion. He has not done his military service.


He was blond; his fiance being dark like a creole. He was discharged for constitutional delicacy.


He has broken it off. He has caused it. A letter has come from him not long since.


  Correct. The letter had come   less than ten days before the sitting.


He seems distracted and nervous just now. He loved the girl. He is not bad at the bottom.


  Unverifiable, but likely. He seemed good and kind.


He does not live in Paris. I see him in the country sometimes.


  The family lives in the country; the young man came to Paris to study.


He had an operation not long ago


Operated on for appendicitis, January, 1922, in a Paris clinic.


At this moment he is with his parents in the country. They live in the country.


He had left Paris and was convalescing with his parents in the country.


There have been discussions between them.




They are false, and difficult people, of dark complexions, one especially. The mother is despotic.


Intentionally unanswered.

The mother-is dark and unquestionably the head of the family.


There is water near the house.


A river flows at the end of the garden.


The parents know everything.


This is morally certain, the young man being very submissive


They dictated the young man's letter.


Unverifiable, but very probable.


The parents have been asked for an explanation. They have given reasons that do not exist. They have spoken of reasons of health.




There are many motives. The parents thought there was not enough money, though the young lady had some.


Unverifiable, but very probable


But there is a mistress and her child behind all this. This woman seems to have sworn to kill the young man or to do something serious. He is timid; on the one side, he is influenced by his parents, and on the other by his mistress, who is a bad woman. He is vexed, and will be sorry.


The motives that the parents may have had are unverifiable.
When I read the tenor of the message to M.V., three days after the sitting, he said; “That is   really curious; up to the present  we have found out nothing explanatory, This morning, my partner said: ‘Do you know my wife’s maid, who comes from the same part of the country as your son-in-law that was to be, received the news of the rupture?’ She said: ‘How glad I am, for the young Lady’s sake. I did not dare say anything before, but now I can tell you that M. Raoul B has had Mlle X as his mistress all the time he has been engaged. I know her and she has had a child by him.”


The young lady has nothing to regret. She will marry later on, and better. 


Mr V did not verify this, as he  took no further interest in the affair.


The episode is closed.
She will soon leave Paris. They will take her away somewhere, a Iong way off. 


“At the end of March her parents will take her on a trip in North Africa, for a change of scene.




The source of the experience

Osty, Dr Eugene

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