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Osty, Dr Eugene - Supernormal faculties in Man – Mme Fraya prophecies a case of scarlet fever and a holiday



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Supernormal faculties in Man- Dr Eugene Osty

Mme Helene C – visited Mme Fraya on June 28th, who, among other things said to her:

“Your second child, the boy, has fallen ill; but that is not all.  Your little girl will be ill in her turn. . . . I see her all red and her throat sore. You will be anxious about her, more so than for her brother; but you must not worry, the illness will be bad but will end favourably, and convalescence will be short.

You will soon leave Paris, and pass the holiday months a long way off. A curious holiday! in two parts. . . . I see what looks like two removals. The first stay will be dull and depressing. You will be unable to settle, you seem to be always changing your room.

The latter part will be much brighter . . you will not be in the same place. I see you in a lovely place where you will find friends. You will be near water all the time. You go a good deal in an auto-car with charming people. You will be very happy. I see you for a moment in a splendid domain, where there are wide green lawns down to the water . . to the sea. You will come back to Paris delighted with your holiday."

The mental content of Mme Helene C-, and, of Mme Fraya.

Mme H. C--'s little boy had scarlatina from June 4th, and had quickly recovered. On the 26th a very careful disinfection had been carried out in the flat. The sister of the patient, having been removed from the contagion at its beginning, was in excellent health, and the medical attendant, Dr. Bergeron, considered that the brother would be no danger to his sister.

Mme H. C- had decided on June 28th to leave for Switzerland. Tickets were taken, and rooms were reserved in an hotel at Villars. She intended to remain there for the holidays and then to return to Paris. Mme Fraya knew that Mme H. C-'s son had had scarlatina. She knew also that the doctor had pronounced him free from infection. Regarding the content of her premonition she could know nothing normally.

What came to pass.

On the 10th of July the family took up their quarters in the Hotel P-, at Villars. Mme I-I. C- was entirely satisfied with the place, the rooms, and the pleasure of her children, and was delighted to find Mme Fraya wrong. Her satisfaction lasted ten days.

On the morning of July 20th, the governess came to her and. said that the little girl was complaining of sore throat and was feverish. On the 21st, Dr. Testez of Bex, diagnosed scarlatina.

Thenceforward the family had to be isolated. Their rooms were changed for others in a distant wing of the building, and for twenty days Mme H. C- did not leave the sick room, full of anxiety about the issue and lamenting that she was in a mountain resort, far from medical aid. The origin of the infection was obscure. All that could be gathered was that a niece of the hotel-keeper had died of scarlatina in April, that the disinfection had been summary, and that two other cases of scarlatina had broken out in the house in May.

As soon as the child was well Mme FI. C.- lost no time in leaving the place. She was led by circumstances to go to Lausanne, about the 20th of August, to the hotel Beau-site, on the shore of the lake. She there met her friend Mme Ch-, owner of the chateau de Bossey, near Lausanne. Its beautiful lawns extend to Lake Leman. This led to her residence with a charming family, and the days passed as pleasantly as Mme Fraya had foretold. The mass of water in Mme Fraya's vision was not the sea, but the lake.

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Osty, Dr Eugene

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