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Osty, Dr Eugene - Supernormal faculties in Man – Mlle de Berly and a prophecy relating to Count R. de P and his brother



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Supernormal faculties in Man- Dr Eugene Osty

 In May,.1914, Count R. de P., aged thirty-one, had this prediction during a seance with Mlle de Berly.

" . . . I am uneasy about you: take care, I see you in peril of death . you are being fired at . . but have nothing to fear."

In June, 1914, the same percipient said to him regarding a project of marriage much favoured by his family,

" . . . You will not marry this lady. . . . I see you turning your back . . a certain event will take you away I see you wearing a costume . . . sometimes on horseback . . giving orders to men to dig galleries, long galleries ! What a lot of digging ! How foul the earth is and what a lot of it!

Only after having worn this costume and carried out these works will you be married . . . but not till you have passed your thirty-fifth year. You will marry elsewhere a dark young lady, with dark hair done low down, with foreign blood in her veins."

The May prediction gave M. de P. the idea of a night attack on Paris; that, made in June, made him think of a possible colonial enterprise. He said so to the percipient, who could only reply,

"Perhaps. I see nothing more."

M. de P., who was due to pass the month of August in the family of his fiancee, a fair girl of French birth, was mobilized on the declaration of war. As lieutenant, he certainly had to get many trenches dug, and was certainly much fired upon ; three succeeding wounds in the arm in September, 1915, brought him his captaincy and the cross of the Legion of Honour, and at Douaumont, seven months later, a bullet broke his nose and blinded one eye, which did not prevent this brave officer from carrying on his command till exhausted, and brought him promotion to officer's grade in the Legion of Honour.

After the war, when he was thirty-six, he married a dark young lady, as described, of Italian birth. In January, 1914, Mlle de Berly, speaking to M. de P. of his younger brother, said :

 "His life will be short …. he will die a violent death let him be cautious in the shooting-field. . He will die by gunshot."

In December, 1914. M. Charles de P. was killed by a bullet in the forehead.

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Osty, Dr Eugene

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