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Osty, Dr Eugene - Supernormal faculties in Man – M. de Fleuriere; it is the subconscious that determines speech before direct cognition has been able to discern the reason



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Supernormal faculties in Man- Dr Eugene Osty

I give below another fragment of auto-analysis in which M. de Fleuriere described to me the part played by speech in his own metagnomic work.

Involuntary speech is not usual with me, but still it often occurs. Then I do not know at the moment what impels me to speak and to make some prediction: I am astonished and sometimes frightened of what I have said, especially if the prediction is painful. But I have the feeling that my whole psychism-my whole interior being-is in a supernormal or paranormal state, and, hearing the sound of my own voice, there are times when there is another person in me, hidden in the depths of my being, that then reveals himself, speaking by my lips, feeling, seeing, and saying things that my normal consciousness does not immediately grasp. To take two examples out of a thousand:

 One day a gentleman unknown to me came to see me. He was living in the Rue Demours, Paris. In the course of my investigation of his future was as much surprised as he to hear myself saying to him, "My God! what a sorrow for you : the sad death of such a charming child, and so young."

I stopped there, brought up sharply, my consciousness being aware of the import of these words resulting from an instantaneous subconscious impression. I tried to explain away and minimize, but in vain, the blow had been struck. Whether he believed the prophecy or not, he went away much disturbed.

Fifteen days later he sent a friend to me with the news that his boy of fourteen had just died.

Recently, on receiving a lady, I said to her impulsively: "Your aspect is very calm, but there is a drama in your past! One, two, three revolver shots at another woman-your enemy! Fortunately not much damage done, only a scandal and imprisonment. . . ."

 In the exceptional cases when words outrun the conscious image (or if you like, the actual normal consciousness), I think that fundamentally nothing is really spontaneous nor absolutely involuntary.

Below the normal consciousness, which does not realize, or only realizes later, there is certainly a more rapid subconsciousness which has a vision or a sensation, seizes on the relation between things and circumstances, and determines speech before direct cognition has been able to discern the reason.

For there can be no effect without its cause, and this cause, to my thinking, must be in the quick perception by this mysterious subconsciousness which perceives immediately certain things that normal consciousness only perceives later on hearing the words that have been pronounced.

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Osty, Dr Eugene

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