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nonono hordenine



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Discussion on weight loss  - self help forum

I came across a crazy, fat-burning drink called Meltdown that contains Hordenine HCl....in the health food store of all places.

nonono hordenine I think DOES do something..ive hadsimilar reaction hallucinations and such to phalaris extracts after all noticabkle tryptamine effects wore off..its freaking hrrid and hs kept me from furthr experiments until a better tek that removes the hordenine is found.

I was actaully going to mention this on that other thread minxx had becasue alot of grasses contain hordenine.

I had the worst dman body load, I felt anxious and jittery, overly stimulated and edgy..on the verge of panic for 2 hours or so after the tryptamine effects of the grass wore off every single time. It did not feel healthy. I even thought of getting some hordenine that body builders use to test it against the effects of the grass but I dont wish to even repeat hat experience.

Minxx sounds extremely experiened with caapi, much moreso than I am. caapi will increase sensitivity to others things when you diet it, especially when you are dieting with other foods as well..and there is alot of weird things in the grasses that might be active when dieting like this, that migh not be otherwise active, or active in the ammounts present.

I dont think hordenine is psychedelic, but its similar to mescaline and whatever was in the phalaris grass I have did feel empathic in some ways, but just way too stimulating and edgy on the body for me to get into at all.


Am I also understanding correctly that hordenine is n,n-dimethyl-tyramine? Would that have any bearing on the fact that... one should have no tyramine with MAOI?

Did some more research on barley grass, and there are all other kinds of compounds that allow a prolonged recycling of antioxidants in the brain (melatonin, pinoline), things that increase SAM-e, there's a ton of stuff going on, for sure.

I think I will stick to tart cherries for edible melatonin experiments--as far as I know, there is no hordenine in cherries. Smile

Fractal, thank you, that does sound VERY MUCH like what I experienced. Hordenine is a stimulant, and I don't think any kind of stimulants are sitting well with me right now. I drank some mate last night and began to feel yucky. Confused

As a future note, for the well-being of all, we should perhaps persue grasses with a wariness of these compounds in mind. Full-spectrum phlaris changa could be a bad idea. SadAnd accidentally ingesting something like this with 120g of Caapi could turn into a nightmare.

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