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Neiye - Verse 05



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Extract from the  Guanzi (管子) : THE INNER ENTERPRISE (Neiye內業) - translation by Robert Eno

The pivot of heaven is uprightness.
The pivot of earth is flatness.
The pivot of man is quiescence.

Spring, autumn, winter, and summer
are the season times of heaven.

Mountains ridges and river valleys
are the limbs of earth.
Showing pleasure or anger, taking or giving,
there are the schemes of man.

The sage adapts with the times but is not transformed,
follows along with things but is not moved by them.
He is able to be balanced and tranquil
and so he is settled.

With a settled heart within,
the eyes and ears are keen and clear,
the four limbs are strong and firm.
He is fit to be the dwelling of the essence.

By essence is meant the essence of qi.
When qi follows the Dao there is birth.
With birth there is awareness.
From awareness comes knowing.
With knowing the limit is reached.


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