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Natural cough medicine - honey and rutabaga



Type of Spiritual Experience


Coughs are viral so this is not going to work in theory, but it appears from the comments it does, so maybe rutabaga is antiviral too.  Honey is antibacterial.  Lemon would help too added at the last moment

Not only does this do you no harm, you can roast the turnips etc in butter afterwards and they are delicious

Rutabaga has vitamin C helping to boost the immune system

A description of the experience

Natural COUGH and soar throat remedy; natural antibiotic

No side effects; all natural; to cure the cough, use white or black turnips (rutabagas) and honey. Dig a hole into the turnip and add honey. Place the turnip in a larger container. The honey will penetrate and pass through the turnip and will become a natural antibiotic to relieve soar throat and cough, horsiness and congestion. Black turnip has even greater antibiotic qualities. Wait for 2-3 hours, depending on the temperature of the room; the warmer, the faster the development of the medication. Drink the liquid from the container. You can re-use the turnip for up to 4 times, until it gets soft. Stay healthy naturally.

Comments to youtube video

1.  My dearest lady just want to thank you for sharing this great recipe (remedy), our family and I that is include our two kids my wife and I puls many our families and friends will thank you. Your remedy keep us away from medicine and Dr. for the past three years and also works great on cuts and wounds :-) 

2.  this actually works!!! cant believe it but it does :) brilliant

3.  Yes it works; my grandmother's remedy! Proven through generations.

Dr Duke's analysis of the turnip showing its activity

Chemicals and their Biological Activities in: Brassica napus var. napobrassica var. napobrassica (L.) REICHB. (Brassicaceae) -- Rutabaga, Swede, Swedish Turnip


ALANINE Root 330 - 3,190 ppm

Antioxidant; Cancer-Preventive; Oxidant


No activity reported.


Antidandruff; Antiinflammatory; Antioxidant; Antipeptic 30-130 mg/man/day; Antipsoriac 2%; Antiradicular; Antiulcer; Immunostimulant; Keratolytic; Sunscreen 0.1%; Suppurative; Vulnerary

ALUMINUM Root 0.3 - 1 ppm

Antisilicotic; Antivaginitic; Candidicide; Encephalopathic; Pesticide

ARGININE Root 1,480 - 14,310 ppm

Antidiabetic?; Antiencephalopathic; Antihepatitic; Antihypertensive; Antiimpotence; Antiinfertility 4 g/day; Antioxidant?; Aphrodisiac 3 g/day; Diuretic; Hypoammonemic; NO-Genic; Pituitary-Stimulant; Spermigenic 4 g/day; Vasodilator


Anorexic; Pesticide

ASCORBIC-ACID Root 250 - 2,415 ppm

Acidulant FEMA 6,000; Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor; Analgesic 5-10 g/day; Angiotensin-Receptor-Blocker; AntiAGE 2,000 mg/day; Antiaggregant; Antiaging 400 mg/day; Antiallergic; Antialzheimeran 2,000-6,000 mg/day; Antiarthritic 0.2-1 g/day; Antiasthmatic 1,000 mg/day; Antiatherosclerotic; Antibacterial; Anticataract 1 g 3x/day 350 mg/day 400 mg/day; Anticervicaldysplasic 1,000-2,000 mg/day; AntiCFS 500-1,000 mg; Anticlimacteric 500-5,000 mg/day; Anticold 1-2 g/man/day; AntiCrohn's 50-100 mg/day/orl/man; AntiCTS 1,000 mg 3x/day; Antidecubitic 500 mg/man/2x/day; Antidementia; Antidepressant 2,000 mg/day; Antidiabetic; Antidote (Aluminum); Antidote (Cadmium); Antidote (Lead); Antidote (Paraquat); Antieczemic 3.5-5 g/day; Antiedemic 1 g/man/day; Antiencephalitic; Antiendometriotic 2,000 mg/day; Antifatigue 500-1,000 mg; Antifibrotic 1,000-2,000 mg; Antigallstone 1,000-3,000 mg/day; Antigastritic; Antigingivitic; Antiglaucomic 2 g/day; Antihangover 1,000 mg; Antihemorrhagic 1 g/man/day; Antihepatitic 2-6 g/man/day; Antihepatotoxic; Antiherpetic 1-5 g/day; Antihistaminic 2 g/day orl man; Antihypertensive; Antiinfertility 1 g/day; Antiinflammatory; Antilepric 1.5 g/man/day; Antilithic 1,000-3,000 mg/day; AntiLyme 500-2,000 mg; Antimaculitic; Antimeasles; Antimenopausal 500-5,000 mg/day; Antimigraine; Antimutagenic; Antineuramidase; Antinitrosic 1 g/man/day; Antiobesity 1 g 3x/day; Antiorchitic; Antiosteoarthritic 1 g 2x/day; Antiosteoporotic 500 mg/day; Antioxidant 100 ppm; Antiparkinsonian 1 g 2-3x/day; Antiparotitic; Antiperiodontitic 1 g 2x/day; Antipneumonic; Antipodriac; Antipoliomyelitic; Antipyretic; Antiradicular; AntiRaynaud's 500 mg 1-2x/day; Antiretinotic; Antirheumatic; Antirhinitic 1,000 mg 3x/day; Antiscorbutic 10 mg/man/day; Antiseptic 4-8 g/day MIC=3.3-217 mg/ml; Antishingles; Antispasmodic 500-5,000 mg/day; Antistress 500-1,000 mg; Antisyndrome-X 1-4 g/day; Antitumor (Gastric); Antitumor (Lung); Antiulcer; Antiviral 1-5 g/day; Apoptotic 1-10 mM; Asthma-preventive 1,000 mg/day/orl; Beta-Adrenergic Receptor Blocker; Beta-Glucuronidase-Inhibitor 1.5 g/day/man; Calcium-Antagonist; Cancer-Preventive; Cardioprotective; Cold-preventive 1-2 g/day; Collagenic; Detoxicant; Diuretic 700 mg/man/orl; Fistula-Preventive; Hypocholesterolemic 300-1,000 mg/day; Hypoglycemic; Hypotensive 1,000 mg/man/day; Immunomodulator; Immunostimulant; Interferonogenic; Lithogenic; Mucolytic 1 g/woman/day; Pesticide; Uricosuric 4 g/man/day; Urinary-Acidulant; Vasodilator; Vulnerary

ASH Root 5,700 - 90,000 ppm

No activity reported.

ASPARTIC-ACID Root 870 - 8,410 ppm

Antimorphinic; Neuroexcitant; Roborant


Allergenic; Androgenic?; Antiacne; Antiaging; Antiarthritic; Antiasthmatic; Anticancer; Anticarcinomic; Anticervicaldysplasic; Anticoronary 50 mg/man/2 days; Antihyperkeratotic; Antiichythyotic; Antileukoplakic; Antilipoperoxidant IC71=50 ug/ml; Antilupus 150 mg/man/day/2 mos; Antimaculitic; Antimastitic; Antimutagenic; Antioxidant; Antiozenic; Antipapillomic; Antiphotophobic 30-300 mg/man/day; Antipityriasic; AntiPMS; Antiporphyric; Antiproliferant; Antipsoriac; Antiradicular; Antirheumatic; Antistress; Antitumor; Antitumor (Breast) IC45=60 ug/ml; Antitumor (CNS) IC43=45 ug/ml; Antitumor (Colon); Antitumor (Lung) IC30=60 ug/ml; Antitumor (Prostate); Antitumor (Stomach) IC26=45 ug/ml; Antiulcer 12 mg 3x/day/man/orl 15,000-25,000 IU/day; Antixerophthalmic; Cancer-Preventive 22 ppm; Chemopreventive; Colorant; COX-1-Inhibitor IC78=50 ug/ml; COX-2-Inhibitor IC82=50 ug/ml; Gastroprotective; Immunostimulant 180 mg/man/day/orl; Interferon-Synergist; Mucogenic; Phagocytotic; Prooxidant 20 ug/g; Thymoprotective; Ubiquiot

BORON Leaf 52 ppm; Root 2.5 - 30 ppm Stem 24 ppm;

Androgenic 3 mg/man/day; Antiosteoarthritic; Antiosteoporotic; Estrogenic


No activity reported.

CADMIUM Root 0.004 - 0.1 ppm

Hypertensive; Lithogenic; Nephrotoxic

CALCIUM Root 270 - 6,040 ppm

Antiallergic 500 mg/day; Antianxiety; Antiarrhythmic 500-1,500 mg; Antiarthritic 1,000 mg/day; Antiatherosclerotic 500 mg/day; Anticlimacteric 1,000-1,500 mg/day; Antidepressant; Antidote (Aluminum); Antidote (Lead); Antihyperkinetic; Antihypertensive; Antiinsomniac; Antimenopausal; Antiobesity; Antiosteoporotic 500-2,000 mg/day; Antiperiodontitic 750 mg/day; AntiPMS 1 g/day; Antirheumatic 1,000 mg/day; Antistress 500-1,500 mg/day; Antitic; Anxiolytic; Calcium-Channel-Blocker; Diuretic; Hypocholesterolemic 500 mg/day; Hypotensive 1 g/day; Laxative 1,000-1,200 mg; Tranquilizer 500-1,500 mg/day; Vasodilator

CARBOHYDRATES Root 81,300 - 786,171 ppm

No activity reported.

CHROMIUM Root 0.005 - 0.1 ppm

Amphiglycemic?; Antiacne; AntiAGE 200-1,000 ug; Antiaging; Antiatherosclerotic 20 ug/day; AntiCFS 200 ug; Anticorneotic; Antidiabetic 200-1,000 ug; Antidote (Lead); Antifatigue 200 ug; Antiglycosuric 200-1,000 ug; Antiobesity; Antisyndrome-X 200-800 ug; Antitriglyceride 20 ug/day 200-1,000 ug; Cardioprotective; Energizer; Hypocholesterolemic 20 ug/day 200-1,000 ug; Hypoglycemic; Hypotensive; Immunomodulator; Insulinogenic; Memorigenic

COBALT Root 0.001 - 0.1 ppm

Cardiomyopathogenic; Erythrocytogenic

COPPER Root 0.2 - 4 ppm

Antianemic; Antiarthritic; Antidiabetic 2-4 mg/day; Antifatigue; Antiinflammatory; Antinociceptive; Antiosteoporotic; Cardioprotective; Contraceptive; Hypocholesterolemic; Immunomodulator; Schizophrenigenic

CYSTINE Root 110 - 1,065 ppm

Adjuvant; Antihomocystinuric

FAT Root 2,000 - 19,340 ppm

No activity reported.

FIBER Root 11,000 - 106,370 ppm

Angiotensin-Receptor-Blocker; Antidiabetic; Antihypertensive; Antiobesity; Antitumor; Antiulcer; Beta-Blocker; Cancer-Preventive; Cardioprotective; Diuretic; Hypocholesterolemic; Hypotensive 10 g/man/day/orl; Hypouricemic; Laxative; Vasodilator


No activity reported.

FOLACIN Root 0.18 - 2 ppm

Antianemic 5-20 mg/man/day; Anticervicaldysplasic 8-30 mg/wmn/day/orl; Anticheilitic; Antidepressant; Antigingivitic 2-5 mg/day/man; Antiglossitic; Antimyelotoxic 5 mg/day/orl/man; Antineuropathic; Antiperiodontitic; Antiplaque; Antipsychotic; AntiSpina-Bifida; Hematopoietic; Uricosuric; Xanthine-Oxidase-Inhibitor

GLUTAMIC-ACID Root 1,420 - 13,730 ppm

Antialkali? 500-1,000 mg/day/orl/man; Antiepileptic; Antihyperammonemic; Antilithic; Antiprostatitic 125-250 mg 3 x/day; Antiretardation; Anxiolytic; Neurotoxic

GLYCINE Root 270 - 2,610 ppm

Antiacid; Antialdosteronic; Antidote (Hypoglycin-A); Antiencephalopathic; Antigastritic; Antiprostatitic 125-250 mg 3 x/day; Antipruritic; Antisickling; Antiulcer; Cancer-Preventive; Neuroinhibitor; Uricosuric

HEXADECATRIEN-(7,10,13)-ACID-1 Leaf:

No activity reported.

HISTIDINE Root 300 - 2,900 ppm

Antiarteriosclerotic; Antinephritic; Antioxidant; Antiulcer; Antiuremic; Essential; Oxidant

IRON Root 2 - 62 ppm

Antiakathisic; Antianemic; Anticanker; Anticheilitic; Antimenorrhagic 100 mg/day/wmn/orl; Prooxidant

ISOLEUCINE Root 500 - 4,835 ppm

Antiencephalopathic?; Antipellagric; Essential

KILOCALORIES Root 360 - 3,600 /kg

No activity reported.

LEAD Root 0.01 - 0.3 ppm [contaminant of soil]

No activity reported.

LEUCINE Root 380 - 3,675 ppm

Antiencephalopathic; Essential

LINOLEIC-ACID Root 350 - 3,385 ppm

5-Alpha-Reductase-Inhibitor; Antiacne; Antialopecic; Antianaphylactic; Antiandrogenic; Antiarteriosclerotic; Antiarthritic; Anticoronary; Antieczemic; Antifibrinolytic; Antigranular; Antihistaminic; Antiinflammatory IC50=31 uM; Antileukotriene-D4; Antimenorrhagic; AntiMS; Antiprostatitic; Cancer-Preventive; Carcinogenic; Comedolytic; Hepatoprotective; Hypocholesterolemic; Immunomodulator; Insectifuge; Metastatic; Nematicide; Propecic

LINOLENIC-ACID Root 530 - 5,125 ppm

No activity reported.


Anticancer (Bladder); Anticancer (Breast); Anticancer (Cervix); Anticancer (Prostate); Antioxidant; Antiprostatitic; Antiradicular; Antitumor; Antitumor (Bladder); Antitumor (Breast); Antitumor (Cervix); Antitumor (Prostate); Cancer-Preventive; Colorant; Hypocholesterolemic 60 mg/man/day/3 mos; Prooxidant 20 ug/g

LYSINE Root 390 - 3,770 ppm

Antialkalotic; Antiherpetic [viral]  0.5-3 g/day; Essential; Hypoarginanemic 250 mg/kg

MAGNESIUM Root 110 - 2,610 ppm

Antiaggregant 400 mg/day; Antialcoholic; Antianginal; Antianorectic; Antianxiety; Antiarrhythmic; Antiarthritic; Antiasthmatic; Antiatherosclerotic; Anticephalagic; AntiCFS; Anticlimacteric 500-750 mg/day; Anticonvulsant; Anticoronary 400 mg/day; Antidepressant; Antidiabetic 400-800 mg/man/day; Antidysmenorrheic 100 mg 4 x/day; Antiendometriotic 500 mg/day; Antienterotic; Antiepileptic 450 mg/day; Antifatigue; Antifibromyalgic 200-300 mg 3x/day; Antigastrotic; Antiglaucomic; Antihyperkinetic; Antihypertensive; Antihypoglycemic; Antiinflammatory 100 mg 4 x/day; Antiinsomniac; Antilithic; AntiLyme 400-1,000 mg; Antimastalgic; Antimenopausal 500-750 mg/day; Antimigraine 200 mg/day/man; Antimitral-valve-prolapse; AntiMS; Antinephrolytic; Antineurotic; Antiosteoporotic 500-1,000 mg/day/wmn/orl; Antiplaque 500-1,000 mg/day; AntiPMS 400-800 mg/day/wmn orl 400-800 mg/day/wmn/orl; AntiRaynaud's 280-350 mg/day; Antiretinopathic 400 mg/day; Antispasmodic; Antispasmophilic 500 mg/day; Antistress 500-750 mg/day; Antistroke 400 mg/day; Antisyndrome-X 400 mg/man/day; Anxiolytic 500-750 mg/day; Calcium-Antagonist; Cardioprotective; CNS-Depressant; Diuretic; Hypocholesterolemic 400 mg/day; Hypotensive 260-500 mg/day; Immunomodulator; Insulinogenic 400 mg/day; Laxative 300-500 mg/day; Litholytic; Myorelaxant 100 mg 4 x/day; Neurotransmitter; Tranquilizer 500-750 mg/day; Uterorelaxant 100 mg 4 x/day; Vasodilator

MANGANESE Root 1.3 - 17 ppm

Antialcoholic; Antianemic; Antiarthritic; Antidiabetic 10-30 mg/man/day 3-5 mg/day; Antidiscotic; Antidyskinetic; Antiepileptic 450 mg/day; Antiosteoporotic; Antiototic; Antioxidant; AntiPMS; Antisyndrome-X 10-30 mg/man/day; Hypoglycemic

MERCURY Root 0.01 ppm; [from soil contaminants]


METHIONINE Root 100 - 965 ppm

Anticataract; Antidote (Acetaminophen) 10 g/16hr/man/orl; Antidote (Paracetamol); Antieczemic; Antihepatotic; Antioxidant; Antiparkinsonian 1-5 g/day; Cancer-Preventive; Emetic; Essential; Glutathionigenic; Hepatoprotective; Lipotropic; Urine-Acidifier 200 mg/3x/day/man/orl; Urine-Deodorant

MOLYBDENUM Leaf 0.65 ppm; Root: Stem 0.32 ppm;

Anticancer (Esophagus)?; Antitumor (Esophagus)?

MUFA Root 250 - 2,500 ppm

Allergenic; Anemiagenic; Antiinflammatory IC50=21 uM; Antileukotriene-D4; Cancer-Preventive; Choleretic 5 ml/man; Dermatitigenic; FLavor FEMA 1-30; Hypocholesterolemic; Insectifuge; Irritant; Percutaneostimulant; Perfumery

NIACIN Root 7 - 68 ppm

Allergenic; Antiacrodynic; Antiallergic 50 mg/2x/day; Antialzheimeran; Antiamblyopic; Antianginal; Anticataract; Antichilblain; Anticonvulsant 3 g/day; Antidementia; Antidermatitic; Antidiabetic; Antidysphagic; Antiepileptic; Antihangover 50 mg; Antihistaminic 50 mg 2x/day; Antihyperactivity 1.5-6 g/day; Antiinsomnic 1 g/day; AntiLyme 50 mg/day; AntiMeniere's; Antineuralgic; Antiparkinsonian 100 mg/day; Antipellagric; AntiRaynaud's 1,500-4,000 mg/day; Antiscotomic; Antispasmodic 100 mg 2x/day; Antivertigo; Cancer-Preventive; Cardioprotective; Circulotonic; Fibrinolytic; Hepatoprotective; Hepatotoxic; Hypocholesterolemic 50-100 mg 3x/day; Hypoglycemic; Hypolipidemic; Sedative; Serotoninergic; Vasodilator

NICKEL Root 0.02 - 1 ppm

Antiadrenalinic; Anticirrhotic?; Insulin-Sparing

NITROGEN Root 1,500 - 25,000 ppm

No activity reported.

OLEIC-ACID Root 250 - 2,415 ppm

5-Alpha-Reductase-Inhibitor; Allergenic; Alpha-Reductase-Inhibitor; Anemiagenic; Antialopecic; Antiandrogenic; Antiinflammatory IC50=21 uM; Antileukotriene-D4; Cancer-Preventive; Choleretic 5 ml/man; Dermatitigenic; FLavor FEMA 1-30; Hypocholesterolemic; Insectifuge; Irritant; Percutaneostimulant; Perfumery; Propecic

PALMITIC-ACID Root 240 - 2,320 ppm

5-Alpha-Reductase-Inhibitor; Antialopecic; Antiandrogenic; Antifibrinolytic; Antioxidant IC40=60; FLavor FEMA 1; Hemolytic; Hypercholesterolemic; Lubricant; Nematicide; Pesticide; Propecic; Soap

PANTOTHENIC-ACID Root 2 - 15 ppm

Antiallergic 100-500 mg/day; Antiarthritic 500-2,000 mg/day; Anticephalagic; Anticlaudificant?; Antidermatitic; Antifatigue; Antihypercholesterolemic 300 mg/meal; Antiielus?; Antiinsomniac?; Antirheumatitic?; Cancer-Preventive

PHENYLALANINE Root 310 - 3,000 ppm

AntiADD 587 mg/day/orl; Antidepressant 50-4,000 mg/day/man; Antiparkinsonian 200-500 mg/day/man; Antisickling 690 ug/ml; Antivitiligic 100 mg/kg/day/orl/man; Monoamine-Precursor; Tremorigenic 1,600-12,600 mg/man/day

PHOSPHORUS Root 290 - 7,250 ppm

Antiosteoporotic; Anxiolytic; Immunostimulant; Osteogenic

POTASSIUM Root 2,200 - 43,850 ppm

Angiotensin-Receptor-Blocker; Antiarrhythmic; Antidepressant; Antifatigue; Antihypertensive; Antispasmodic; Antistroke; Anxiolytic; Beta-Blocker; Cardioprotective 3,000-5,000 mg; Cardiotoxic 18,000 mg/man/day; Diuretic; Hypotensive; Vasodilator

PROTEIN Root 12,000 - 116,040 ppm

No activity reported.

PUFA Root 880 - 8,800 ppm

Antiacne; Antieczemic; AntiMS; Antipolyneuritic

RIBOFLAVIN Root 0.4 - 4 ppm

Antiarabiflavinotic 2-10 mg/day orl; Anticarpal-Tunnel 50 mg/day; Anticataract 15 mg/day; Anticephalagic; Anticervicaldysplasic 1.6-10 mg/day; Anticheilitic; Antidecubitic; Antiglossitic; Antikeratitic; AntiLyme 50 mg/day; Antimigraine; Antioxidant; Antipellagric; Antiphotophobic; Cancer-Preventive

RUBIDIUM Root 1 - 10 ppm

No activity reported.

SELENIUM Leaf 0.031 ppm; Root: Stem 0.017 ppm;

Analgesic 200 ug/day; Anorexic; Antiacne; Antiaggregant; Antiangiogenic 2 uM 230 ug/kg orl rat; Antiarthritic; Antiasthmatic; Antiatherosclerotic; Anticataract 400 ug/day; Anticirrhotic; Anticlimacteric 200 ug/day; Anticoronary; Antidandruff; Antidepressant; Antidote (Mercury); Antifibrotic 400 ug; Antigout 200 ug; AntiHIV; Antikeshan; Antileukemic 1.6 mg/kg ipr mus; Antileukotriene; Antimaculitic; Antimelanomic 480 ug/kg; Antimenopausal 200 ug/day; Antimetastatic 480 ug/kg; Antimyalgic 200 ug/day; AntiNF-kB; Antiosteoarthritic; Antioxidant 100-200 (-400) ug/man/day; Antiparkinsonian 200-400 ug/day; Antiproliferant 2 uM; Antiradicular 100-200 (-400) ug/man/day; Antirheumatic; Antisyndrome-X; Antitumor; Antitumor (brain) 38-150 ug/kg; Antitumor (Breast) 0.8 mg/kg scu mus 150 ug/kg diet rat 230 ug/kg orl rat 333.6 ug/day; Antitumor (Lung) 240 ug/kg diet; Antitumor (Prostate); Antiulcerogenic; Anxiolytic; AP-1-Inhibitor 2-50 uM; Apoptotic; Cancer-Preventive; Cardioprotective 200 ug/day; Depressant; Fungicide; Immunomodulator; Immunostimulant 100-200 (-400) ug/man/day; NF-kB-Inhibitor; Ornithine-Decarboxylase-Inhibitor; Pesticide; Polyamine-Synthesis-Inhibitor; Prostaglandin-Sparer; Protein-Kinase-C-Inhibitor IC50=2-50 uM; VEGF-Inhibitor

SERINE Root 350 - 3,385 ppm


SFA Root 270 - 2,700 ppm

No activity reported.

SILICON Root 1 - 30 ppm

Antiarteriosclerotic; Antionychyotic; Antiosteoporotic; Cardioprotective

SODIUM Root 200 - 1,930 ppm


STEARIC-ACID Root 30 - 290 ppm

5-Alpha-Reductase-Inhibitor; Cosmetic; FLavor FEMA 2-4,000; Hypocholesterolemic; Lubricant; Perfumery; Propecic; Suppository

SULFUR Root 350 - 5,000 ppm

Acarifuge; Antiacne; Antiarthritic; Antidandruff; Antigrey; Antiosteoarthritic; Antiseborrheic; Antiseptic; Comedogenic; Keratolytic; Laxative; Parasiticide; Pesticide; Scabicide

THIAMIN Root 1 - 9 ppm

Analgesic 1-4 g/day; Antialcoholic 50-100 mg/day; Antialzheimeran 100-3,000 mg/day; Antianorectic; Antibackache 1-4 g/day; Antiberiberi; Anticanker; Anticardiospasmic; Anticataract; Anticolitic; Antidecubitic; Antideliriant; Antidementia; Antidyspeptic; Antiencephalopathic; Antifatigue; Antigastritic; Antihangover 50 mg; Antiheartburn; Antiherpetic; AntiLyme; Antimigraine; Antimyocarditic; Antineuralgic 1-4 g/day; Antineurasthenic; Antineuritic; Antineuropathic 50 mg; Antipoliomyelitic; Insectifuge 75-150 mg/man/day; Neuroprotective; Pesticide

THREONINE Root 460 - 4,445 ppm

Antioxidant?; Antiulcer; Essential; FLavor FEMA 1,000

TRYPTOPHAN Root 130 - 1,255 ppm

Analgesic 750 mg/4x/day/orl/man; Antianxiety 500-1,000 mg/meal; Antidementia 3 g/day; Antidepressant 1-3 g/3x/day/orl/man; Antidyskinetic 2-8 g/orl/wmn/day; Antihypertensive; Antiinsomniac 1-3 g/day; Antimanic 12 g/man/day/orl; Antimenopausal 6 g/day; Antimigraine 500 mg/man/4x/day; Antioxidant 125 ug/ml; Antiparkinsonian 2 g 3 x/day; Antiphenylketonuric; Antiprostaglandin 250 pg/ml; Antipsychotic 12 g/man/day; Antirheumatic; Antiscoliotic; Carcinogenic; Essential; Hypnotic; Hypoglycemic; Hypotensive 3 g/day; Insulinase-Inhibitor; Insulinotonic; Monoamine-Precursor; Prolactinogenic; Sedative 3-10 g/man/day; Serotoninergic 6-12 g/day/orl/man; Tumor-Promoter

TYROSINE Root 230 - 2,225 ppm

Antidepressant?; Antiencephalopathic; Antiparkinsonian 100 mg/kg/day; Antiphenylketonuric; Antiulcer 256 mg scu 400 mg/kg ipr rat; Cancer-Preventive; Monoamine-Precursor

VALINE Root 480 - 4,640 ppm

Antiencephalopathic; Essential; FLavor FEMA 1,000-2,000

VIT-B-6 Root 1 - 10 ppm

No activity reported.

WATER Root 891,260 - 901,940 ppm

No activity reported.

ZINC Root 1.7 - 33 ppm

ACE-Inhibitor; Analgesic; Antiacne 135 mg/day; Antiacrodermatitic 8-34 mg/day/orl/chd; Antialcoholic; Antialopecic; Antialzheimeran 50 mg/day; Antiangiogenic; Antianorexic; Antiarthritic 50 mg/3x/day/orl/man; AntiBPH 25-60 mg/day; Anticanker 100 mg/day; Anticataract 30 mg/day; Anticoeliac; Anticold 50 mg; Anticolitic; Anticoronary 30 mg/day; AntiCrohn's; Antidandruff; Antidementia; Antidiabetic; Antidote (Cadmium); Antidysgeuzic; Antieczemic 150 mg/day; Antiencephalopathic; Antiepileptic 100 mg/day; Antifibrotic 30 mg; Antifuruncular 45 mg/3x/day/man; Antihangover 15 mg; Antiherpetic? 25-60 mg/day; AntiHIV; Antiimpotence; Antiinfective 50 mg/day; Antiinfertility 60 mg/day; Antiinsomniac; Antilepric; Antileukonychic; Antilymphomic; Antimaculitic; Antimetastatic; Antineuropathic; Antinyctalopic; Antiobesity 30 mg/day; Antiosteoporotic; Antiperiodontitic; Antiplaque; Antiprolactin; Antiprostatitic 50 mg/man/day/orl; Antirheumatic; Antiseptic 50 mg/day; Antispare-Tire 30 mg/day; Antistomatitic 50 mg/man/3x/day; Antisyndrome-X 30 mg/day; Antitinnitic 60-120 mg/day; Antitriglyceride 30 mg/day; Antiulcer 50 mg/3x/day/man 88 mg/rat/day/15 days; Antiviral?; Astringent; Collagenic; Copper-Antagonist; Deodorant; Detoxicant (Alcohol); Ergogenic; Hypotensive 30 mg/day; Immunomodulator; Immunostimulant; Immunosuppressant 300 mg/day/6 wks/orl/man; Insulinogenic 30 mg/day; Leptingenic 30-60 mg/man/day; Mucogenic; NF-kB-Inhibitor; Pesticide; Spermigenic 60 mg/day; Testosteronigenic; Trichomonicide; Vulnerary


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