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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Mrs Guppy - Apports a fruit salad



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I've no idea whether it was a trick or not - it hardly matters - she was a magician by any standards

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The Secret Science behind Miracles – Max Freedom Long

A medium named Mrs. Guppy, who was a woman of wealth and note in the early days of Spiritualism, gave a sitting with her friends for Henry W. Longfellow in Italy. At the sitting a block of ice over a foot square was brought as an apport and dropped with a crash on the table. At a second sitting, while the famous poet was holding both the medium's hands, several oranges were apported. At still another sitting, in which the spirit spoke through the medium and asked what things were desired, the following items were apported:

A banana,

two oranges,

a bunch of white grapes,

a bunch of black grapes,

a cluster of filberts,

three walnuts,

half a dozen damsons,

a slice of candied pineapple,

an onion,

a peach,

some almonds,

three figs,

two apples,

four very large grapes,

a potato,

and several other objects.

At still another sitting there were apports of pots of scalding hot tea and sizzling pans of frying eggs. Mrs. Guppy herself was brought as an apport from her own home to that of a friend.  The distance was over a mile, and Mrs. Guppy was very stout.

…………One of the most famous and most studied mediums of the past century was Mme. d'Esperance.

A spirit called “Yolande" frequently appeared, fully materialized as a pretty Arab girl, in good light and produced apports so that the sitters could observe all that was to be seen in the process. On June 28, 1890, she brought as an apport a rare golden lily measuring more than seven feet from roots to top and carrying eleven perfect flowers. Toward the end of the sitting she tried to dematerialize the plant to take it away, but the force was too weak by then and she failed. She asked that it be kept in a dark closet until she could try again. The plant had been borrowed, so she said, and had to be returned.- At half after nine on July 5th, the plant was removed from the dark closet and placed in the center of the circle of sitters. Almost instantly it vanished. Another spirit, not Yolande, explained that the plant, in its invisible form, had been brought into the room at the first sitting fully an hour before it was solidified and became visible………….

People who have been used as apports report either a short period of unconsciousness or a similar period in which the senses and mental faculties seem sharpened and quickened to a remarkable degree. However,  they report little physical sensation during the course of the changes. This evidence tends to verify the Huna theory that we have in our low shadowy body a duplicate set of all the organs and tissues, and that these function when we are temporarily out of the body as in apporting cases, or after death when we are  permanently out of the body.

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