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Morrells, Luce - Going to the seaside



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Aaaaaah but this was a nice dream.  No idea what it meant if anything, I didn’t really want it to mean anything; it was just a nice dream. I was sorry when I woke up.

I was on a sandy beach, but this time the sky was the darkest most unreal cerulean blue you could imagine.  No clouds, just this intensely blue sky, just wonderful.  And it was warm, gloriously warm.

I was on a spit of sandy beach.  The spit extended into the sea and the sea was on my right with the remainder of the beach on my left.  The sea was deep turquoise blue.  Quite unreal in colour but glorious.  The sand was an unbelievable pink, gold, yellow colour shimmering and luminescent – so fiery and hot and beautiful I was gob smacked.  Ahead in the distance on the beach some sort of high rise hotels and apartments, nothing too ugly or obtrusive and all so far away it looked more like a part of the landscape.  To my left on the beach beyond the sea and the spit – so the mainland effectively - were beach umbrellas in numerous luminescent shades of orange and yellows and purples, plus loungers and people – of sorts.  No faces but ‘people like’ lying on them.

Behind them more buildings – hotels and the like, but again nothing ghastly or obtrusive, the buildings were pleasant though I didn’t really notice them that much.  They all just gave the impression of a pleasant but well developed holiday resort in a wonderfully sunny and warm place.

I seem to remember there being pedaloes in the sea between the spit of sand and the actual mainland beach and it was a sort of vibrant friendly landscape.  And all I did in my dream was walk in the sand and enjoy it.

I remember the feel of the sand in my toes and feet – warm and soft, I remember a sea breeze of sorts, I remember getting to the end of the spit and seeing more pedaloes and canoes and small pleasure boats – no motor boats I seem to remember –the place was strangely peaceful and silent.

And no birds either, but then it struck me as being sort of tropical as if it was an island without many trees and birds.  Well developed, human, populated but not unpleasant at all.  In fact rather wonderful.

I normally dislike places with hotels of this sort and lots of development but this was really nice.

Did it mean anything?

I don’t think it did!!

I think my dream maker decided I had had enough of dreams and visions and thinking and gave me a holiday.  Albeit a very brief one!!!

Maybe he was telling me I needed one, I have been feeling really tired of late…………..

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Morrells, Luce

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