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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Miss M, an 18-year-old girl, hysterical and cataleptic goes out of body and hears celestial music



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Light (1898, page 347). Dr. Moutin, from the Faculty of Medicine of Paris, reports:

Miss M., an 18-year-old girl, hysterical and cataleptic, after having suffered extreme crises and having gone through all the phases of somnambulism, with the emergence of a double personality, also presented numerous phenomena of exteriorization of motor skills, both in the trance and the day before.

One day, when nothing could have predicted it, she fell into a trance and stayed there for more than two hours. In the evening, at the usual time, I went to visit her, and the parents told me what had happened in the morning. I hypnotized her to get information about this. Here is her account verbatim:

"I was seized by an irresistible need to sleep. I fought hard to defeat it, but in vain, and I lost consciousness, staying for a long time in comatose conditions. Although my mind was far away from the body, I was able to see myself lying on the bed, as I am now. My intelligence was elsewhere, and I had no desire to go back; but in the new environment in which I found myself, there were other intelligent beings similar to me; they were the ones who forced me to enter my body... How I regret it! I was so happy where I was! Everything around me was beautiful, and I would have liked to stay there forever.

I don't know how I found myself in a wonderful park, where the majestic trees were of thousand colours. These colours combined and fused with waves of celestial harmony, impossible to describe... My happiness had no limits, because the music I heard was music of paradise.

It must be said that all the sounds that occur on earth, including those that come from moving objects, reproduce themselves in the spiritual world, transforming themselves into a grandiose universal music, about which you have no idea.

A sheet of paper that you tear, a small branch of a tree that you break, a stone that you throw, the sound of the wheels of vehicles, the sound of the railway, of the locksmith hitting his anvil, the wind, the rain, the thunder: all the noises, from the weakest to the most formidable, in the world where I was, are transformed into a perfect and grandiose music, which one cannot compare to anything earthly.

These celestial harmonies had enchained my will; I was too happy, too fascinated to move. But there was something even more surprising: my view was over an infinite horizon, and I could see simultaneously from all sides... I stayed a long time listening and contemplating, without seeing anyone around me, but knowing, at the same time, that I was not alone...

Then, suddenly, without being able to realize what was happening, I saw myself surrounded by the intelligent beings whose presence I had known by intuition. My happiness was at its height when, among them, I saw my mother, with whom I spoke, for a long time I also saw other relatives and friends...

Ah! what a beautiful world that was! I didn't want to leave any more; I was shocked by the thought of coming back here, in this naughty world where one suffocates, where one suffers... I console myself by thinking that I will return one day, not to leave it again."

Dr. Moutin adds:

The fact that we just read is very recent. It happened only two months ago. By the time I write, the patient is completely healed; her hypnotic sensitivity has disappeared.

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