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Mikhailova, Nelya - Yuri Kobzarev describes the acoustic impulses emitted by Nelya



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Psychic Warfare (Threat or Illusion) By Martin Ebon
Chapter 13 - Dzhuna The Healer

The issue of Komsomolskaya Pravda that carried Leon Kolodny's account of his meeting with Dzhuna Davitashvili also contained a commentary by a member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, Yuri Kobzarev, the specialist in radar and radio engineering who directs the Laboratory for BioElectronics. He strongly emphasized that the Dzhuna phenomenon should be regarded as "factual and real." Linking the Davitashvili demonstrations with those of Nina Kulagina, Kobzarev said that it had been "established" that Kulagina's hands generated "acoustic impulses" during healing as well as telekinesis (psychokinesis). He added:

"These impulses are audible and can be registered on sound-recording devices. Two other healers are known to emit similar impulses. Some of them, including Kulagina, also emit electromagnetic waves in the optical spectrum. They can be seen with the eye and recorded by photoelectronic devices or on film. These facts suggest that healing is achieved not only or not so much by affecting the body through the mind as by direct physical influence."

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Mikhailova, Nelya

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