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Mikhailova, Nelya - Experiments with Dr. V. F. Shvetz



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Psychic Discoveries behind the iron Curtain -  Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder

After the conference, over the usual champagne and ice cream, a young physicist who looked remarkably like the novelist Pasternak, told us about his own tests with Mikhailova. He'd also given a  report on them at the conference. "This is the very pen top she moved " Dr. V. F. Shvetz said, pointing to the pen in his hand as if it might still have some trace of the elusive energy Mikhailova radiated.

"As a physicist I know telekinesis just can't exist, but as a human being I know I saw it. All the physicists at the atomic center at Dubna were very interested in telekinesis," he said. "But they seemed to feel that if they admitted it, they ought to leave physics and start studying parapsychology!"

"What did some of the other physicists think of her?" we asked.

"In one important Moscow test, the physicists (some of them very famous) set up the entire experiment themselves. They put several nonmagnetic objects inside a Plexiglas cube. She moved the objects telekinetically. They said, 'We must have set the test up wrong! Perhaps some type of known energy crept in through the fraction of a millimeter between the table and the Plexiglas!"'

Shvetz chuckled. "There's been so much criticism of their statement that they're going to retest her."

"If Mikhailova can move an object," we asked, "Can she also move chemical molecules such as silver nitrate in a photo emulsion? In other words, could she cause a picture to appear on photographic paper?"

"Yes," said Shvetz. "She can make the letters A or O appear on photo paper. Sometimes she can also transfer a silhouette of a picture she's seen to Photo Paper."

Perhaps the discovery of the fluctuating force field around Mikhailova during PK throws some light on the strange ability of Ted Serios in the United States to supposedly create pictures of his thoughts on Polaroid film.  The Soviets we met who were working with Nelya were avid for information about Serios.

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Mikhailova, Nelya

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