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Messing, Wolf - Moscow 1940 and the prophecy ‘Soviet tanks will roll into Berlin’ and in 1943, ‘the war will end in May 1945’



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Psychic Discoveries behind the iron Curtain – Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder

In 1940 Soviet-German relations were cloudless. The year before, Stalin had signed the nonaggression pact with Hitler.

Nevertheless, in 1940 Messing gave a speech at a private Moscow club. He prophesied, "soviet tanks will roll into Berlin!"

Word of Messing's declaration leaked out, creating a sensation among the Communist elite. Unfortunately, this was one aspect of Messing's power that Stalin didn't look into. (A year later Stalin still refused to believe Hitler would invade, even when Nazi tanks had been rolling on Russian soil for over a day.) But if Stalin over-looked Messing's prediction, the Germans did not.

The German Embassy immediately lodged a protest. After all, Hitler was still furious over Messing's prediction of his death. The Soviet diplomatic corps huddled in confusion. At last, after long consultation, they stated, "We cannot be expected to answer for the prophecies of Wolf Messing."

Again, in 1943, Messing ventured publicly to make another prophecy. The Baltic, Belorussia, the Ukraine, the Crimea, all were in the hands of the Nazis. The end of the war was not yet in sight.

Messing himself had been evacuated to safety in Siberia. In Novosibirsk, the famous science city of Siberia, Messing spoke before a packed audience at the Opera Theater. He predicted that the war would end in May 1945, probably within the first week of the month.

"My ability to see the future may seem to contradict the materialist understanding of the world. But there is not a particle of the unknowable or supernatural about precognition," Messing says reassuringly. "There is not only the logical, scientific way of gaining knowledge, there is also direct knowledge precognition. Only our indistinct ideas about the meaning of time and its relation to space, and the past, present, and future, make it inexplicable at present." ….

"Of Course, there's free will," Messing continued. "But there are patterns. The future is shaped from the past and the present.  There are regular patterns of connections between them. The 'mechanism' of these connections is far from being known by most people, but I clearly know myself that it exists."……………

As to the remarkable powers of the human mind that he has shown to so many people, Messing has a prediction: "The time is coming when man will understand all these phenomena. There is nothing strange. Only what is not yet commonplace.'

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Messing, Wolf

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