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Messing, Wolf - A warning for Stalin ‘your very best friend, Hitler, will become your most vehement enemy’



Type of Spiritual Experience


One could say that this was just using reason to work out the likelihood of this happening, but Messing did not use reason to come up with this prophecy, he did rely entirely on his psychic feelings.

A description of the experience

Wolf Messing –the true story of Russia’s greatest psychic – Tatiana Lungin

[Messing] As a medic, Tanya, you are familiar with the Hippocratic Oath physicians take at the beginning of their practice. They vow to use their medical skills only for the common good and their patients' welfare. So, when I first became conscious of my mysterious gift to telepathically influence people, I vowed I would never use it to hurt society or mankind. Not once have I broken this moral pledge, despite the slanders I've had to face.

"I should mention that the authorities themselves did not completely trust me at first. For quite a long time, they continued to thoroughly examine me; they have always been suspicious of any occult practice not fitting into their rigid materialistic framework.

Another reason, purely political, for their distrust of me was my background in Poland - a country with which Russia has always had hostile relations. During my first meeting with Stalin, I told him straight out that his country had no reliable western border, and that his very best friend, Hitler, would become his most vehement enemy. Stalin did not heed my warnings. I tried again and again to warn the authorities of Germany's imminent attack, but always received the reply that I would be notified when my advice was needed.

"Everything must end sometime. The suspicions subsided and I was able to work in relative freedom. I appeared before my first large Soviet audiences during tours in Odessa and Kharkov in the Ukraine, and then in Tbilisi, where I first received the news of Germany's attack on Russia.

"I remember that Sunday morning, June 22,1941, down to the last detail. And I remember my own state of mind even better. I could not help but share in everyone's alarm, but I was further distressed by the gloomy thought that my previous warnings had been ignored.

The source of the experience

Messing, Wolf

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