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Manning, Matthew - The Link - 09 Missing objects are returned unharmed



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The Link – Matthew Manning

It was about this time that another significant facet of the phenomenon became obvious. I was at home with my mother and we were both upstairs when she asked me to move a small wicker basket from kitchen table onto the dining room table.

Fifteen minutes later when we both came downstairs, the basket had been carefully placed in the middle of the dining room table as requested.

It was nearing the end of the holidays and I was about to return to school. On the day before I was due to leave there were still several objects that having disappeared, had not been found, and my parents were anxious to have them returned before I left. They asked me therefore to try and get these objects returned; they were mainly small things such as teaspoons or crockery.

While we were all in our dining room I agreed to try and get these articles returned to a table in the sitting room.

We were amazed at the selection of domestic items that we found placed on the table half an hour later. We were quite ignorant of the number of objects that had in fact disappeared. I was even more surprised that they had been returned. Table -mats, cutlery, books and ornaments were found on the table in the sitting room and most of the objects had not been noted as missing.

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Manning, Matthew

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