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Manning, Matthew - The Link - 24 Vanishing, hovering and flying bath plugs



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The Link – Matthew Manning

One afternoon I lay in a bath at school. Facing me was a window which was firmly closed. On a ledge at the plug end of my bath was an assortment of soap and plugs. From my position, there were in front of me firstly the taps, then the ledge, and a few feet behind the ledge was the window. As I day-dreamed in that direction a plug rose up into the air.

This startled me. It was the first poltergeist phenomenon I had witnessed for some weeks and the first time for many months that I had actually seen an object move.

The plug then shot towards the window with as much speed as though someone had hit it very forcefully with a bat. In fact I thought in a flash that it would shatter the window. To my amazement, it passed through the window and disappeared from sight.

The window remained firmly closed and unbroken.

A few minutes later I found a plug, which I presumed to be the same one, lying on the ground on the other side of the window.

This to me could be an explanation how objects, during the violent poltergeist outbreak of the previous year, had moved from one end of the house to the other, without being seen, often they seemed to have to pass through rooms full of people or shut doors.

It could also account for the reason why many household items just vanished at that time, even though they were apparently too large to be merely hidden.

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Manning, Matthew

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