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Manning, Matthew - The Link - 20 Bending six inch steel nails



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The Link – Matthew Manning

My parents, ……, thought later that night of a simple method of proving whether or not [he had spoon and metal bending skills]. My father produced a six-inch nail of a quarter-inch diameter made of galvanised steel. We thought that if I managed to bend this, I must be utilising a paranormal source of energy. Not believing that the nail would actually bend unless I physically applied pressure to it, I took it in my hands and found that I was quite incapable of bending it with my fingers, nor could I bend it by placing it in a vice and exerting manual pressure on it.

I tried in vain for fifteen minutes to bend the nail by paranormal means. When I realised that I was getting very tired, I gave up.

I decided to go to bed and, looking at the pendant watch that I wear around my neck, I saw to my surprise that the large minute hand was twisted towards the glass of the watch. This convinced me that I had been using a psychokinetic force earlier. The watch had not been opened for some time and the hands had always been quite straight.

As I lifted the watch on its chain over my head, the chain appeared to break; I always remove my watch by this method when I take it off, rather than undo the clasp. The break in the chain may be merely a coincidence.

As an interesting experiment I decided to sleep with the six inch nail under my pillow, merely to see whether anything would happen to it during the night.

At eight -o'clock the next morning there was a bend of about thirty degrees in the steel nail.

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Manning, Matthew

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