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Manning, Matthew - The Link - 19 Bending silver spoons



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The Link – Matthew Manning

I found some old silver spoons that once belonged to my grandmother and I decided to experiment with them.

Strangely enough, I found them much harder to bend than stainless steel cutlery. Although I could have easily bent them physically, they required a far longer period of time of concentrated effort (thirty minutes as compared to ten or fifteen) before they showed the slightest sign of bending. They also only bent to a far shallower angle than the steel spoons. For this I have no explanation, other than suggesting that certain metals, or alloys, are easier to work with.

While I had had a silver spoon in my hands I saw a metal comb lying on a window sill about eight feet away from me. I did not touch the comb at all and I was astonished to notice that the comb was also bending.

I believe that this metal bending phenomenon is just mind over matter and does not in any way involve the spirits of departed persons; perhaps in my case (I don't think this applies to Uri Geller), it is perhaps possible to regard the force as being a controlled poltergeist energy.

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Manning, Matthew

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