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Manning, Matthew - Bending keys and - das Ur Gahirn



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The Link – from the Preface by Peter Bander

An initial series of eight experiments was carried out with Matthew Manning (followed by many other experiments involving different persons either alone or with Matthew present), during which Matthew was connected to an electroencephalograph and an electromyograph, and both devices were connected to a computer.

After taking "normal" readings of Matthew's brain-wave pattern, both under relaxed conditions and while concentrating on some project, Matthew was instructed to "switch his power on". (I have questioned some of the scientists about using this peculiar phrase and was given to understand that Matthew had used the description of "switching power on" in conversation; the scientists simply adopted the phrase in order to discover what would happen if Matthew did switch his power on).

During the actual experiment, a key to a Canadian Dominion lock was placed into Matthew's hand, or alternately, he placed his hand above a key. The idea was to discover whether Matthew's brain wave would show any peculiar change during the operation.

As soon as Matthew complied with the instruction, the electroencephalograph registered an unexpected and quite unique reading. To all but one of the scientists present, the brain-wave pattern, registered each time for a period of twenty seconds, was entirely new. One of the medical professors present recalled having seen such a pattern once before in a patient to whom a severe overdose of a hallucinatory drug had been administered………………

After twenty seconds, the ‘ramp function’ stopped and the readings of Matthew’s brain-wave pattern returned to normal. Some of the metal objects that had been placed under Matthew's hand had either bent or continued to bend afterward.

The second significant observation was made when the ‘ramp function’ was traced back to the part of the brain from which it originated.

We will have to await the written conclusions by some of the scientists who are most anxious that this discovery should be presented in an appropriate scientific evaluation. The only statement available is that the ramp function has been traced to a part of the human brain hitherto believed to be defunct and degenerated.

The old "animal brain" of homo sapiens was one of the descriptions given and "das Ur Gahirn" was another.

I think at this point it is appropriate to quote directly from D. Whitton's report.

The "ramp function" has not been reported previously; however, the large increase in theta energy and the usual decrease in beta energy which characterizes the ramp function compared to other states has been found by Motoyama (1965) to distinguish "paranormal" behaviour.
In test number 2 (MM2) there were two attempts at paranormal behaviour i.e. MM attempted to bend two keys without using any obvious physical force. The second key did not bend and no ramp function was evidenced during the attempt with this key. A ramp function did appear, however during the attempt with the first key during the first 10.24 seconds of the attempt. However, the first key did not bend until later in the experiment.  It mysteriously bent while lying on a table in an adjoining room, but before the end of the experiment while MM was still "hooked up" to the EEG amplifier. MM claims this delayed effect occurs occasionally with metal objects he is "psychically" bending.

In conclusion

  1. The origin of the ramp function (and therefore the source of psychic energy) in Matthew was found to be in the oldest part of the human brain; Dr. Whitton therefore suggests that psychic ability of energy is not a "random gift" or a "space-age ability", but an innate function and ability in homo sapiens that probably goes back to the earliest history of man; it may be a function that became lost or defunct in most people many thousands of years ago.
  2. The psychic energy level recorded in Matthew was exceptionally high-in fact, unique. Two questions must be asked: why is Matthew's energy level so much higher than that of other known psychics? And, is there a common factor among psychics that accounts for the functioning of this "old and defunct" part of the brain?
  3. A nonpsychic can be given psychic powers and ability through biofeedback. It should therefore be possible to utilize the brain waves from Matthew, which have been stored in the computer memory bank, and transfer them at a later time to a nonpsychic. (Such experiments will surely be performed by some scientists in the future.)

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Manning, Matthew

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