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Heine, Heinrich - Book of Songs - In London town, one morning bright



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London town [Adapted from Book of Songs by Heinrich Heine]

In London town, one morning bright
He came to me by magic might
By magic might and longingly
The man I love so fervently 

I gazed on him with wild delight
I saw him smiling soft and bright
He smiled and oh my heart beat high
And fast and fierce I then did cry

 ‘Take all, take everything that’s mine,
All, all I have be freely thine!
But hold me, clasp me as a bride,
From midnight until morning tide!’
He gazed on me so steadily
So fondly sweetly meaningly -
My dearest love - and said but this
‘Give me your everlasting bliss’
‘My life is sweet, my blood runs high
I’ll give them both without a sigh
All all dear love, I’ll give to thee
From now until eternity’
So then half mad with joy’s excess
He held me in ardent caress
I fondly clinging to his breast
And we made love – you know the rest!

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Heine, Heinrich

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