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Through the Looking Glass - Ch 07 - 4 Drumming



Type of Spiritual Experience


Lewis Carroll as in all his books simply implies that it is a mechanism.

A description of the experience

Alice Through the Looking glass

But before Alice could answer him, the drums began.

Where the noise came from, she couldn't make out: the air seemed full of it, and it rang through and through her head till she felt quite deafened. She started to her feet and sprang across the little brook in her terror, and had just time to see the Lion and the Unicorn rise to their feet, with angry looks at being interrupted in their feast, before she dropped to her knees, and put her hands over her ears, vainly trying to shut out the dreadful uproar.

'If THAT doesn't "drum them out of town,"' she thought to herself, 'nothing ever will!'

The source of the experience

Carroll, Lewis

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Listening to beating sounds