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Lethbridge, T C - The Power of the Pendulum – Measuring people’s spiritual abilities using the pendulum



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T C Lethbridge – The Power of the Pendulum

[The ability to have a spiritual experience], whatever it may be, is generally known as 'psi' and a person's psi count can be worked out with the pendulum set at 9 1/2 inches. In practice it is found that a person whose number of gyrations at 9 ½  inches is under ten, will have some difficulty in using the pendulum or divining rod; with repeated experiments the number can apparently be steadily increased.

Whether we can equate psi with intuition is not certain; but it seems probable that intuition is a facet of the larger psi.

A certain number of people have no psi count but instead react to a minus rating of 29 1/2 inches. As far as we can judge at present this minus reading is combined with, or due to, some nervous disability.

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Lethbridge, Thomas Charles

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