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Lemaitre, Georges - Homogenous universe of constant mass and increasing radius - 01



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please note the 'to vary in an arbitrary way', the rate of expansion may vary and there is no law governing how it expands [other than the law of perception expansion]

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March 1931 – Homogenous universe of constant mass and increasing radius accounting for the radial velocity of extra galactic nebulae – Abbe G Lemaitre [translated from Annales de la Societe scientifique de Bruxelles Tome XLVII serie A]

According to the theory of relativity, a homogenous universe may exist such that all positions in space are completely equivalent; there is no centre of gravity.  The radius of the space R is constant; space is elliptic ie of uniform positive curvature I/R2; straight lines starting from a point come back to their origin after having travelled a path of length piR; the volume of space has a finite value - pi squaredR3.  Straight lines are closed lines going through the whole space without encountering any boundary……..

From Einstein’s formulae and recent observational data, the radius of the universe is found to be some hundred times greater than the most distant objects which can be photographed by our telescopes………………

Space is homogeneous with constant positive curvature; space time is also homogeneous, for all events are perfectly equivalent.  But the partition of space-time into space and time disturbs homogeneity.  The co-ordinates used introduce a centre………….

When we use co-ordinates and a corresponding partition of space and time of such a kind as to preserve the homogeneity of the universe, the field is found to be no longer static; the universe becomes of the same form as that of Einstein, with a radius no longer constant but varying with the time according to a particular law………..

We are led to consider an Einstein universe where the radius of space or of the universe is allowed to vary in an arbitrary way.

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Lemaître, Georges

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