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Lehmann, Rosamond Nina - Emotionally shattered by the death of her daughter, she has an OBE



Type of Spiritual Experience


There are two observations here about different occasions, in other words she had several OBEs and also heard celestial music

A description of the experience

A Casebook of Otherworldly Music – D Scott Rogo

Case No 14 Rosamund Lehmann

This account originally appeared in Light., Summer, 1962.

Miss Rosamond Lehmann, apparently emotionally shattered by the death of her daughter, experienced several psychic occurrences, among which was an OOBE. While in this state, she heard what she described as an awesome outburst of symphonic music. She noted that no radio was playing at the time and that the house in which she experienced the NAD was rather abandoned in a glen.  Further, the English authoress noted that the music swelled in intensity and, then seemed to ebb. The music itself seemed familiar but she could not recognize it.


The Swan in the Evening – Rosamond Lehmann

The evening of our arrival was spent in talking about Sally.  All of them loved her dearly.

I was unable to stop weeping; yet I began to feel, somewhere in my being, a tremor of relief and reassurance because they appeared to believe me, when I went on insisting that I knew she was ‘not dead’; that she was ‘near me’, ‘as alive as ever’ – scarcely grasping what I meant myself.

At first I had been afraid that they were merely being kind and soothing; but when L. said quietly ‘Of course’, the tremor started.

Later when we went up to bed, she described supra-normal experiences following a shattering bereavement in her own life.  Had she always been certain that life continued after death?

Yes, always.  Nothing more certain.  Hers was the first voice to make me feel I was not alone, or out of my mind perhaps.

But I did not, could not mention the phenomena which underlay my urgent insistence on Sally’s livingness.  I was scarcely even examining them consciously.  They seemed perfectly natural; yet at the same time impossible.  They were physically and yet not physically experienced; appearing to occur in a body with perceptions that were not mine.  For instance, on I think, the third night as I lay half awake, I was .. how to describe it ? – lifted up; lifted on huge pinions out of my mortal dungeon; or perhaps a better description would be that a Great Breath blew me upwards, a giant bellows! …. I had Sally by the hand and we took a great leap together.

Another night, I thought that someone invisible brought her and laid her quietly beside me in bed.

I didn’t dream this.

I didn’t see her or speak to her; but an extended sense of touch informed me that she was lying beside me for some time.

Another night, I became aware of my father, who died in 1928, standing by my bed with an air of wanting to address me urgently.  He looked as I remembered him in his middle years; and the heart wrung concern for me I sensed in him caused me to try, wordlessly to reassure him, also to thank him for this desperate effort to come back on my account.  I knew what it was costing him; I was as full of gratitude as grief.

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Lehmann, Rosamond Nina

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