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Laubscher, B J F - There were noises, movement of objects, rappings under the table and footsteps all over the place



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The prophecy is more of a self fulfilling prophecy

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B J Laubscher – Where Mystery dwells

A Mrs. S. G. van Aarde of Pretoria wrote to tell me about her extraordinary experiences. She used to perceive events that have happened or were about to happen while not in full consciousness, but in a state of sleepiness-as though she was just about to drop off to sleep. At that moment she could penetrate into another world, and see writing as on a sheet of paper which moved to and fro before her sight. It was as though she was looking at writing just beneath an inch of water. She could see persons dressed to the minutest detail and every word spoken was registered and remembered.

Before she moved to another house, long before they even knew about a suitable home, she would see it in detail, including the colours and other features of the building.

Then her husband and her mother died, and she moved back to her old home. From that time the most extraordinary happenings took place. There were noises, movement of objects, rappings under the table and footsteps all over the place. On the occasions when she visited her next-door neighbour in the evening, they would tell her that her bedroom was brightly lit, and when she went back to investigate the light would go out.

She left this house and nothing happened in the other homes where she lived, but after a while she longed to return because of memories and at once the whole process started again.

She decided to endure the phenomena thinking that perhaps the spirits of her husband and her mother were using these means to prove their survival and to her amazement from the moment that she thought of them as existing and capable of receiving her thoughts all manifestations ceased and she lived quietly and happily in her old house.

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Laubscher, Dr B J F

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