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Laubscher, B J F - Dreaming of the ghost of a little black Scots terrier



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B J Laubscher – Where Mystery dwells

This lady described a peculiar dream-she never had any psychic experiences except this vivid dream. She wrote :-

"Shortly after moving into our present home, which we rent, I started dreaming of a little black dog-what breed I could not determine, except that it was a small type. This dog would run in at the front door, through to the bedroom and stand up on its hind legs against my bed panting; then would look around all over and just walk away again. The dream was so clear and graphic that I would wake up in a bath of perspiration. On waking I could, time and again, actually hear the pitter-patter of his little paws as he walked away.

The frequency of this dream worried me so much that I mentioned it to the owner of the house. To my surprise she told me that while living in the house she had owned a little black Scots terrier for fourteen years. He was buried on the premises. From the moment that I thought of this doggie in this way the trouble-some dream ceased and has not occurred since."

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Laubscher, Dr B J F

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