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Krishnamurti - The Network of Thought - Coping with sorrow and grief



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Once you have found people and animals who you love and hopefully who love you for who you are make sure you savour and appreciate every moment you are with them.  Build up a store of memories.  Use photos, video, anything you can diaries to help you.  Don't anticipate their going or leaving, simply enjoy who they are and their company whenever they are there and with you, however frequent or infrequent this is.

Live for the moment.  Love for the moment.

You can now only feel sorrow at losing someone or something you have felt genuine love for, a person or thing, who whatever happened to them, [apart from a complete change of personality] you love because they are who they are.  You love them and who they are and not what they can do for you.

The sorrow you now feel at their loss is thus also genuine and real.  It is not born of dependence it is born from real love, a love of a fellow human being or animal who you loved for who they were.

How do you now handle this sorrow.  The first stage now is to recognise your sorrow is genuine and recognise the depth of the sorrow you feel.....

A description of the experience

J.  Krishnamurti – The Network of Thought

Now remain completely with that feeling, not verbalising it, not rationalising it, or escaping from it, or trying to transcend it.... When there is that sorrow and thought does not enter into it at all – which means that you are completely sorrow, not trying to overcome sorrow, but totally sorrow – then there is the disappearance of it.... When there is sorrow, remain with it without a single movement of thought so that there is the wholeness of it. 

The wholeness of sorrow is not that I am in sorrow, I am sorrow – then there is no fragmentation

The source of the experience

Krishnamurti, Jiddu

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