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Krishnamurti - The Network of Thought - All human experience and knowledge is within oneself



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J.  Krishnamurti – The Network of Thought

All the human experience, all the psychological knowledge that humanity has gathered together for millions of years is within oneself. 

If that is so, if one's consciousness is that of the whole of mankind then it seems rather absurd, rather naïve, to try to learn from somebody else about oneself.  It requires complete clarity of observation to learn about ourselves.  That is simple.

So there is no psychological authority and no spiritual authority, because the whole history of mankind, which is the story of humanity, is in oneself.  Therefore there is nothing to experience.  There is nothing to be learnt from somebody who says 'I know' or 'I will show you the path to truth' – from the priests throughout the world, the interpreters between the highest and the lowest.  To learn about, to understand, oneself, all authority must be set aside.


Authority is part of oneself; one is the priest, the disciple, the teacher, one is the experience and one is the ultimate – if one knows how to understand.


One does not have to go to India, or Tibet or to Rome, if one uses common sense and has a critical mind that is questioning what others say and also questioning oneself

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Krishnamurti, Jiddu

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