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Khan, Hazrat Inayat - The Mysticism of Sound and Music - On Resonance



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Hazrat Inayat Khan ‘The Mysticism of Sound and Music”

The physical effect of sound has also a great influence upon the human body.  The whole mechanism, the muscles, the blood circulation, the nerves, are all moved by the power of vibration.  As there is resonance for every sound, so the human body is a living resonator for sound. 

Although by one sound one can produce a resonance in all substances, such as brass and copper, yet there is no greater and more living resonator of sound than the human body.  The effect of sound is upon each atom of the body, for each atom resounds, on all glands, on the circulation of the blood and on the pulsation sound has its effect….

How is healing achieved? …..

This aspect was researched by a physician in San Francisco, Dr Albert Abrams. Although all the doctors were against him, he intuitively thought that illnesses could be cured with the help of vibrations.  But instead of finding the power of vibration in the word, he wanted to find the power of vibration in electricity. 

Yet the principle is the same.  He took the rate of vibrations of the body and with the same rate of vibrations of electricity he treated the elements of the body”

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Khan, Hazrat Inayat

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