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Jane Dunlap - The nature of the visions



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Jane Dunlap – Personal Experiences under LSD-25

“Are the visions like dreams?” friends have wanted to know.  The experiences have been described as waking dreams.  But to me, the visions are far more colourful and vivid than any dream can possibly be.   You see LSD pictures with striking and unforgettable clarity.  The two are similar in that LSD material may be expressed in symbolism, as dreams are, and awareness comes in the same manner in both…………

In all other respects, however, the experiences seem to me much more like going to a movie which is so dramatic and emotionally packed that it claims every instant of your attention.  Most visions I have seen have been similar to Technicolour films in that they are in colour and move constantly, although there have also been periods of complete darkness.

As in a movie, one is usually aware of surroundings, of anyone entering or leaving the room and of conversation, but these things remain as mere awarenesses.  One can talk but rarely desires to do so.  Interruptions during an excellent movie, such as children repeatedly squeezing past you, can be annoying.  Similarly, interruptions during an LSD experience, when feelings are tremendously heightened, may actually become painful.  Just as one can have irrelevant thoughts during a movie, such thoughts can occur under the drug.  In one respect, however, the two are markedly different; except on the day the drug is given, there are no reruns under LSD.  The drug takes you into a world no one except yourself can ever enter.  Even you can never enter this same world the second time

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Adelle Davis, Daisie

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