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James Randi at Caltech - My Out Of Body Experience



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Randi comes up with two ‘proofs’ that this was not an OBE but a dream, in this he appears to dismiss dreams as spiritual experiences in their own right, but there is something fascinating about this experience.

If he is telling the truth, then his dream was of a past OBE that occurred when the cat was on the bed and the bed cover was ‘chartreuse’ – both viable, just at a different ‘time’.

Perceptions are time, as such an OBE is always going to be non synchronous with the current exact spot one has reached.  It can be wildly out – way into the past, or only slightly out of sync – one is effectively exploring the loom in an OBE.

Thus this is both an OBE and exploring group perception

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James Randi @ Caltech - My Out Of Body Experience

James Randi lecture excerpt from a 2 hour lecture at Caltech in 1992.

Randi talks about an experience he had which was 'very similar' to many of the Out of Body Experiences.

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