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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Jack Sunday - LSD by Jack Sunday



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Jack Sunday


by Jack Sunday

Citation:   Jack Sunday. "Jack Sunday: An Experience with LSD (ID 45498)". Erowid.org. Nov 20, 2007. erowid.org/exp/45498

DOSE: 1 hit ocular LSD (liquid)



20, October 2005: As I had rose from my bed, the sun was neither rising nor falling, just pasted onto the surface of a sky whose gradients fell into streams of silver and bronze. To justify myself for reasons left unsaid, I had thought it proper to drop into my eyes (through an eyedropper) one splash of liquid LSD, than falling into sleep; allusioning toward the causes of unconciounse hallucinatiosn as related to ones unnatural self. From what I can recall of the time, it had been somwhere around 5:00 AM when I had began to feel the effects of the substance I had thrown myself under. Recognizing the surface of my bedroom floor shifting from its usual gray toward an unusual maroon color, I came to the conclusion the effects were setting in.

As soon as I accepted this illusion as a factual reality, my window spread open from its base and gaped a furrowed jaw which bent the glass into a suffocated bulge of mercury, than releasing an opaque mist into the air landing upon the tip of my nose leaving my eyes crossed to juggle about the image, conquering any primary feelings I had of fear and disgust. With the window absent, a breeze sunk into my new stage leaving my body to catch the watery stain of helplessness, though enjoying the feel of submersion where I could breathe deep while still wondering if a new river of waters had risen from my heels (now submersed in a quagmyre).

My insides had felt loose, absent, if I could have not been able to recall the fact that at one time I had been of a solid form, consisting of parts and mechanics that at present I was unsure of. My heart felt as a separate mammal palpitating in my lap, as I stroked its continuous threads of pastel vein wishing not to harm any part of the world I was yet to see, and except those sets of eyes I was yet to share a glance. The regions of a micro-cosmic love had found there way into my conscience, as I had become obsessed with the feeling of de' ja' vue', understanding that the universal self, the strong hand of our conscience, was trapsing about in a constant state of retrograde until we allow ourselves the severe chance to reflect what could have once been a stroke of luck, or fame, or lascivity. Every moment I had ever experienced, and every 'fact' I had ever been told had seemed to find its way into my immediate thought. Its relevance to the nature of my situation, and to the situations of all things, was more apparant than it ever had been before, and ever would be again.

By this time, I had no longer been in my bedroom, as I am still unsure if this was a hallucination or an awakening of some spiritual guise that had been wearing my SELF as a mask for all of time. I found myself at the base of a large tree, examining it not through an hallucinatory imagery or unconscience elements, but just acknowledging its placement alongside my shadows pose. I had became tired with this stage, and proceeded to sit onto the ground, soaking into the ground as a melted orb, masquerading beneath a tangle of leaves that had decided to wrap themselves around me, just as much as I had decided to wrap myself around them. This was our mutual choice. I had accepted all of this while still, all the while, fully conscience that I had ingested a drug and that indeed I was allowing an illusion to occur. This is a very important thought to digest.

Moons had grew out of themselves, and the sun had shed a breathe that expelled aromas from the ground that rose to a olfactory climax that contested the worthy odor of any perfume I have ever since encountered. For it was the smell of every experience that had ever been, and ever would be. My eyes were shot blind with the severity of my cause, and my appendages were granted leave to roam about the terrain scattering their subliminal seeds of excess from hither to thither, appointing themselves back onto my form out of choice. I had become tired and ventured back to wherever it was that I came, where I proceeded to sleep between a day of revolution. I woke with a need to relay my experience through words, and this is where I had chosen to fall.

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