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Pet Store Treasure by Shard



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Pet Store Treasure - 5-MeO-DMT (Toad Venom) - by Shard [EROWID]

I had been researching many different substances on the web lately. And to my shear delight I discovered 5-MeO-DMT. Being interested in herpetology for many years I found a Colorado River Toad (Bufo Avarius) at a local pet store. Up to 25% the toads venom is 5-MeO-DMT.

So far I have only tried the venom twice here are my accounts. On my first attempt I collected the toad’s venom early in the day, and let it dry. At about 9:00 the same night I gathered all the venom from the first milking and scraped it into a pipe. It wasn't much that was collected, my toad is fairly young (only 3 inches long) and I was inexperienced in squeezing the venom from the glands.

With much anticipation I held my flame under my glass pipe, and began to inhale the oddly pleasant smoke. But my pipe was clearly not effective for freebasing the 5-MeO, and I must have lost half of the smoke, to my absolute horror. What little I did inhale made me feel very stoned, and gave me the familiar feeling of coming up on mushrooms. Colors seemed enhanced, brighter and almost glossy. Overall I was very disappointed, but that disappointment wouldn't last long.

The next day I milked the toad again, since I had only milked it once the first day. This time my technique had improved quite a bit, and I collected what looked to be twice as much as last time. This time I made a pipe out of a plastic pen tube, and made an enclosed bowl out of aluminum foil, so no smoke could escape.

This trip, like my last try, was in my darkened room. I had a candle burning, one soft light on, and Massive Attacks album Mezzanine playing on my computer. And for good luck my new pet toad was in his tank right next to me. I was sort of scared as I put the pipe to my lips, hoping that it would work, and REALLY hoping that I wouldn't take too much. As I lit my lighter I heard the venom snap and crackle from the heat, and I gently sucked the smoke into my lungs. It was a fairly large hit that filled my lungs with smoke.

And then it began...My vision went blurry for a split second, and I felt pins and needles creeping quickly up the back of my neck and head. By the time this pins and needles effect got to my eyes, I was tripping VERY hard. Shadows began to move, and slither up my wall. Everything in my room took on a strange glow, and the fear grew inside me. After 20 seconds the effects were still coming on hard and fast, and I felt like I would almost freak out. But then a calm came over me as the drug reached its peak.

The visual effects were similar to a moderate dose of mushrooms or LSD, but the body high was extremely intense. I lay in my bed, hardly moving for about the first minute, time slowed quite dramatically. I was using a winamp visualization program, and it slowed to a crawl, so did my clock. But the music seemed to go on at its normal pace. The only thing I could think for the first 5 minutes was 'Dear God it worked!!.' Everything was so beautiful that it amazed me to no end. I ended up playing with my dog for a while, I really enjoyed touching anything I could get my hands on.

At this dosage, which is quite unknown, I learned nothing spiritual or anything profound. I found this experience to be filled with some neat visuals and mostly just a feeling of “Holy shit”. 5-MeO wears off way to fast; I wished I could have stayed in that bed for much longer. The trip peaked after about 30 seconds, and stayed fairly intense for maybe 5 minutes. The quick decline in effects continued for 20 minutes, but I was left with a nice afterglow. After an hour I felt I was completely back to baseline. My only complaint about the experience is the lingering smell that 5-MeO-DMT leaves. I’d be careful if you are trying to do this while other people are home, the smell stays for hours and would be hard to explain.

Well that’s all I have so far, but I assure you, I WILL be doing this again. Happy toading everyone :-D

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