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Hi everyone.Please excuse me for my bad English...
So I recently made a post about my situation and decided to register.I wanna know a few things.Thanks to everyone in advance.
So Last year I took this diet pills called Slim FX that contained these ingredients:
Endless Energy (12 Hour Caffeine), DL-Phenylalanine, Beta-Phenethylamine HCI, Guaranine (1,3,7,8-Tetramethylxanthine), Griffonia Simplicifolia extract (standardized to 95% 5-Hydroxy-I-tryptophan, 1MeTIQ (1-Methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline), Rauwolscine HCI

So I did the research and the Phenylethylamines are with similar structure to meth.Last year I took these pills for 4 months and the reason I took them for so long is that I entered psychosis and could not recognise it was their fault.After I read a thread here about the 8 stages of amphetamine use, I HAD SYMPTOMS OF STAGE 7 A , I REMEMBER THAT I STOPPED TAKING THE PILLS AFTER I EXPERIENCED A PANIC ATTACK THAT MADE ME WANT TO GET OUT OF MY BODY AND KILL MYSELF ALSO EXPERIENCED SOLIPISM, BUT NEVER REACHED STAGE 8. I knew at some level that this was wrong so I stopped taking them.After quitting I was in severe depression, So I started drinking alot of caffeine and got addicted and eventually started taking caffeine only pills beacause it would help me get out of the depression.At preent time I don't take caffeine pills but I drink alot of sodas and coffe and eat a lot of sweets. I am kind of scared to stop because I fear the panic attacks might come back, It has been nearly a year since then.But during last year I recovered but still have mood swings and such.

SO my questions are these:
1.Having experienced symptoms of STAGE 7A, is it possible I have permanent brain damage?Or I stopped at the right time ? I have recovered but I always feel something is not quite right, maybe because I still drink alot of caffeine so this maybe the reason I cannot recover fully ?

I never wanted to get HIGH, I never had that intention, I only wanted to lose some weight, but those pills got me into psychosis, and I am scared now to quit caffeine because I feel good even with problems with mood swings and anxiety.



12-06-2013, 04:19

DL-Phenylalanine - An amino acid. Unless you are starving or malnourished, your body already gets enough of this from food. Excess is excreted in urine and feces.
Beta-Phenethylamine HCl - aka PEA or just phenethylamine. This is only trivially active in most people, producing about ~20 minutes of stimulation. Despite the fact that PEA is related in structure to methamphetamine, it lacks the strong central stimulant effect because it is broken down very rapidly.
Guaranine (1,3,7,8-Tetramethylxanthine) - either this is a novel caffeine analogue, or it's a typo and they mean 1,3,7-dtrimethyl xanthine, aka... caffeine. "Guaranine" is just another name for caffeine anyway, it's the prinicpal component in guarana.
Griffonia Simplicifolia extract - aka 5-HTP. An amino acid. Precursor to serotonin, but your body only uses what it needs, like phenylalanine.
1MeTIQ (1-Methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline) - Antidopaminergic, antiparkinsonian, MAO inhibitor. Potentiates the effects of e.g. reauwolscine and phenethylamine, depending on the exact dose. Found endogenously in the brain. Blocks the reward from morphine.
Rauwolscine HCl - a yonhimbe alkaloid, similar to yohimbine. Stimulates the adrenergic system (fight or flight) by making your body release extra adrenaline and norepinephrine.

None of these are acutely damaging, but if you took too much of them all at once might make you feel uncomfortably stimulated.

If you don't eat properly, you should expect to feel shitty. Especially if you eat a lot of sugar/salt, don't excercise, and/or use lots of caffeine.


12-06-2013, 05:03

Are you taking a MAOI by any chance?

PEA combined with MAOI has quite different effects. Basically slows (stops?) the metabolism of PEA and allows it to stay in your body longer. I've heard of people staying up for days on Phenethylamine HCL and some MAOI pill for days.

No one should try this though.


12-06-2013, 17:34

Are you taking a MAOI by any chance?

This pill actually does indeed combines PEA and a MAOI (mild MAO-B inhibitor I think). This combination in sufficient quantity with the right MAOI does have an actual stimulant effect that some say even jumps into euphoria. (PEA + hordenine being the combo with the most favorable reports.)

Combined with caffeine and rauwolscine, ugh. That could be an uncomfortable experience if the dose is too high. (In my limited experience, many stimulant stacks tend to go way overboard.)

I don't like stimulant stacks for "losing weight". I don't think they work very well. I think steps like cutting out high GI foods is a more sound strategy.


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