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I can even write a movie script after my dream, they are so complex



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I am glad to find out this info. Of all the persons I know, none knew to give me an explanation as regards my dreams. I also think that I mix the dream with reality. I am also changing things in my dream, but my real problem is that I cannot wake up. Sometimes I wake up and I watch the time. It is about 8 a.m., then I close my eyes again, and I hardly can wake up after two or three hours.

I need a few hours until I am really able to wake up for real and leave the dreaming world. It happens to me daily. Sometimes funny things happen. Sometimes I hear loud noises that scare me, I wake up with my arm or parts of body paralyzed. I can even write a movie script after my dream, they are so complex, even if I do not watch tv. And I continuously tell myself to wake up. It is hard only at the moment when I try to wake up.

Thank you for making this page. I wish quiet nights to everyone with sweet dreams

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