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Hitler, Adolf – The Jewish clairvoyant and astrologer Gausen, who worked for Hitler and his prophesies



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Wolf Messing –the true story of Russia’s greatest psychic – Tatiana Lungin

[Messing recounts]  “It was no secret that Adolf Hitler surrounded himself with gifted psychologists and soothsayers from astrologers to telepaths.

At one time a clairvoyant named Gausen worked for him, enjoying his boundless trust as 'court psychic.' I had seen Gausen's work. He was a full-blooded Jew and the son of a synagogue elder. Even though it was the reign of the Aryan, he was well received in all the leading salons of the Third Reich. It is possible that he correctly predicted the Fuehrer's first successes by reading the stars, but later, when his heavenly counsel began to foretell tragedy, his own star waned dismally. He was eliminated without further ado.

There is an accurate and detailed description of his fate in Lion Feuchtwanger's The Lautenzack Brothers.

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Hitler, Adolf

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