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Hara Willow - Has a dream of twins



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The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences - Dr Penny Sartori

I was about 12 weeks pregnant at the time. I hadn't long discovered my pregnancy. One night I had a dream and in it I saw the face of the most beautiful boy. He was around three or four years old, and somewhat resembled my mother and maternal grandfather. He spoke to me and said,

 'Mum, there's two of us in here.'

When I awoke, I remembered the dream as if it were a waking experience and just knew that it was a genuine conversation with the spirit of my, as yet, unborn child. I went for my first check-up at the maternity clinic a few days later and told them I thought I may be having twins. They gave me a scan and I was pregnant with twins.

They are now 19 years old. Both boys.

One of them, Kris, was the child who communicated with me. He grew into the face that I saw in my dream when he was around three years old. He looks like my mum and grandfather. We still have ‘psychic’ moments together.

When my boys turned two years old I began training as a spiritual healer at the College of Healing in Malvern, and I found that I have a natural affinity for it. Kris was born a healer too, and does it naturally. I channel energy from the source that I touched at the moment of my mother's death.

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