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Ginsberg, Allen - from Leary's High priest



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Dr Timothy Leary – High Priest

Allen Ginsberg December 1960

Have had experience with mescaline, LSD-25, and psilocybin.  The mushroom synthetic seems to me the easiest on the body physically, and the most controllable in dosage.

The effects are generally similar, subjectively.  Psilocybin seems to me to be some sort of psychic godsend.  It offers unparalleled opportunity to catalyze awareness of otherwise unconscious psychic processes.  To widen the area of human consciousness.  To deepen reification [sic]  of ideas and identification of real objects.  To perceive the inner organisation of natural objects and human art works.  To enter the significance and aesthetic organisation of music, painting, poetry, architecture.

It seems to make philosophy make sense.  It aids consciousness to contemplate itself and serve some of the most delightful functions of the mind.  As if, turning up the volume on a receiving set, background and FM stations can be heard.  The effects are not unnatural.

I have experienced similar things without use of chemical catalysts, and correspond to what I, as a poet, have called previously aesthetic, poetic, transcendental or mystical awareness.  A kind of useful, practical cosmic consciousness.  I think it will help mankind to grow

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Ginsberg, Allen

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