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Gibier, Dr Paul - Psychism Analysis of Things Existing - On squashing the big I am



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PSYCHISM Analysis of Things Existing ESSAYS BY PAUL GIBIER, M. D. Director of the New York Pasteur Institute.

Another condition which it is quite important should not be discarded, is the need of curbing that pride which too frequently accompanies a meager scientific education, a specialized and perhaps incomplete instruction, as is so often the case at the present day.

A number of people well informed on one special point of knowledge, fancy that they are permitted to arbitrarily decide upon everything, and are ready to deny ought that may be new or that shocks the accepted order of their ideas, arguing often for this reason only (which they seldom acknowledge to themselves) that if such and such existed it were impossible for them not to know of it.

We have often met with this sort of self- sufficiency among men whose education and studiousness should have preserved from this regrettable moral infirmity had they not been specialists limiting themselves to their specialty.

It is a sign of relative inferiority to believe in one's own superiority.

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Gibier, Dr Paul

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