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Gerhardie, William - Resurrection - Afterthoughts 1



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William Gerhardie - Resurrection

The Personal Factor Centers into the originating of life much as into a wireless speech, and each individual is, without knowing it, a creator in miniature.

In this sense we, sons of men, are in a lesser way sons of God, as Jesus was in a special, perfect
and exemplary way.

Every individual, Jesus says in effect, is born into the world as a result of the supreme need of the
living universe to renew its perpetual livingness with independent individuals introducing, unique, originating and direcing individuality into its destiny......

The universe is in too great a need of living variety to dispense with an individual almost as soon as his individuality has been formed. Did there not exist overwhelming evidence of another kind, this alone would dispose one to believe in survival.  No two thumbprints are said to be exactly alike and we may take for granted that no two individuals are exactly alike.

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Gerhardie, William

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