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Gatha 22 – Yasna 049



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The Gathas (Hymns of Zoroaster)

Translation by C. Bartholomae, from I.J.S. Taraporewala, The Divine Songs of Zarathushtra.

Spentamainyush Gatha

1. Ever has Bendva been for me the greatest obstacle, I who desire to give satisfaction to those who are neglected, O Right, O Mazda. With good Ada come to me, support me firmly. Prepare for him (his) ruin, O Good Thought.

2. The perverter of this Bendva has long time impeded me, the Liar who has fallen away from Right. He cares not that holy Piety should be his, nor takes the counsel with Good Thought, O Mazda.

3. And in this belief (of ours), O Mazda, Right is laid down, for blessing, in the heresy the Lie, for ruin. Therefore I strive for the fellowship of Good Thought, I forbid all intercourse with the Liar.

4. They who make the increase of violence and cruelty with their tongues, the foes of cattle-nurture among its friends; whose ill deeds prevail, not their good deeds: these (shall be) in the house of the Daevas, (the place for) the Self of the Liar.

5. But he, O Mazda, - happiness and satiety be his who links his own Self with Good Thought, being through Right an intimate of Piety. And with all these (may I be) in Thy Dominion, Ahura.

6. I beseech you twain, O Mazda and the Right, to say what are the plans of your will, that we may discern how we might teach the Religion of such as you, O Ahura.

7. And this let Good Thought hear, O Mazda, let the Right hear, do thou also listen, O Ahura, which men of the brotherhood, what noble is it according to the Law who brings to the community fame.

8. On Frashaoshtra do thou bestow the most gladsome fellowship with the Right - this I ask thee, O Mazda Ahura - and on myself the hold on what is good in thy Dominion. To all eternity we would be thy messengers.

9. Let the helper hear the ordinance, he that is created to bring deliverance. The man of right words is no regarder of fellowship with the Liar, if they that are partakers of Right are to make their Selves partake in the best reward at the Judgment, O Jamaspa.

10. And this, O Mazda, will I put in thy care within thy House - the Good Thought and the souls of the Righteous, their worship, their Piety and zeal, that thou mayst guard it, O thou mighty Dominion, with abiding power.

11. But these that are of an evil dominion, of evil deeds, evil words, evil Self, and evil thought, Liars, the Souls go to meet them with evil food; in the House of the Lie they shall be meet inhabitants.

12. What help hast thou, O Right, for Zarathushtra that calls upon me? What hast thou, Good Thought? — for me who with praises seeks your favor, O Mazda Ahura, longing for that which is best in your possession.

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